Amsterdam 2013

Only 331 days until the 38th Amsterdam Marathon on 20th October 2013.

Entry confirmed, flight and hotel booked, bag packed.

Can't wait.



  • I expect you'll start tapering soon image

  • Entered todayimage

    It's so far in advance that I can't get a return flight on easyjet yet but everything else is sorted. I have Edinburgh marathon to get out of the way in spring but Amsterdam is my big event.



  • Evening all, just entered. image Second time round for me.

    I've got Edinburgh as well Kenny.

  • Hi there.

    Just entered, and just joined RW to get some advice leading up to Amsterdam. Haven't done a marathon for a couple of years (have the beer belly to prove it) - but fancied one for nearer the end of the year (and not too far from home).

    Anyone done this one before?

  • I'm def entering again....Last year was AMAZING. I tried to get a special offer on easyjet too, but it wouldn't let me either....It was £74 last year....

    Flat Sam, & the start & finish in the Olympic stadium is fantastic.

  • 277 days to go...  Never done the Amsterdam marathon before but I'm assuming it will be nice and flat.  The Olympic stadium sounds excellent.  A couple of nights in Amsterdam after the race should be good too.

    I've got the Edinburgh marathon in May before, so that should provide a nice warm up.  Only 21 weeks between Edinburgh and Amsterdam, so not a lot of rest in between.

    Kenny/Weedy - looks like we are all doing the same events this year.

    Pyjama Girl - looking at your profile, looks like you never rest!! 

  • The flattest marathon I've ever done...And I'm on 41! DEF a PB course.

    It just has a nice atmosphere. Go & gander round the expo on the Fri or Sat....Lots of helpful staff around, giving out maps....& you can get cut price travel tickets there too.

    The opening ceremonry was just amazing. They play stirring music, & it really is like being at the Olympics! You see the Kenyons on the big screen starting, & you can't believe you are stood just 200 metres away from them on the other side of the stadium. Then you finish in the stadium too....I got complete goose bumps as they announced me as "from Great Britain" I was on the GB team, hehe....

    Yeah, I do rather a lot of races!! image

  • Signed up just to sort my marathon PB out. Should be fun even if it is very flat!

    SweatySock - I assume you were joking about 21 weeks not being much rest?!

  • What kind of PB's are you guys on?


  • WiB - I need lots of rest.  It's an age thing.

  • My PB is 5:18 from Wolves. 5:19 from Amsterdam. I'm really going for a 4:45 for this year. To finish in that staduim with a PB must be amazing. I stopped for the first time ever in a marathon for a wee (done 41) & that wee cost me a PB in Amsterdam. I nearly cried! It was soooo near. I entered the stadium just as my Garmin showed my PB time....& I only had 200 metres to go!!!! Grrrrrr!

  • PB is 3:57 from Berlin.

    Aim is to beat that in Edinburgh in May then beat it again in Amsterdam in October. As long as I PB I don't care what the time is.

    Glad I got my run in last night - snowy in Manchester!!

  • How late can I leave entering this? Does it normally fill quickly? I really want to do it but only started running this week after a nine month break!

  • Tried to enter on line, but form won't accept a house name, - wants a house number, which I don't have. Anyone else had this problem ? if so - any solutions ?


  • I'm thinking of entering this. Just done my first marathon in Rome. I had to have 6 weeks off due to an injured foot so only managed 2 long runs but came in at 4:44 and inspired to run another now and get a PB! Rome was amazing and Amsterdam sounds like it is really good too.
  • Peter - I'd email them at  Either that or move to a house with a number.

    Looks like there's still plenty of spaces available - limit is 15,000 but there doesn't appear to be anywhere near that so far (according to the web site).

    Plane tickets are starting to go up in price - my flight went up £16 in one day last week - so I'd get a shift on if you want to save some cash.

  • Im tempted,anyone got a heads up on cheap but clean accommodation ?

  • I have run this twice before my 2x PBs its flat for 23 miles then you hit an underpass! a down then an up, its a slight shock to the system!

    brilliant Marathon with a superb finish in the stadium hoping to do it again this year

  • Peter - can you give a friend's adress? Or your work one?

    LRR - I stayed in the Citizen M at Schipol Airport last year. Would recommend it if you're on your own, but rooms are a bit cramped for two people. There's also a Citizen M in the centre of Amsterdam.


  • 23 weeks and 6 days to go.

    Having a half pb of 1:40, am i foolish to target 3:45?

    First marathon - love amsterdam - getting excited already.
  • Hey Weedy, how you doing? No doubt I'll be back for this again. My fifth amsterdam. I'm part of the bloody furnitureimage Not huge for a big city marathon but big enough and fun for all the reasons you say.. and flat of course!

    As for accomodation it depends what you're looking for. Decent hotel or B&B or backpacker type thing? Loads of options.

    Typically the race doesn't fill up for a while. I've entered in sep before but the price normally goes up the closer you get.
  • Hi Everyone, just signed up!!!!

    Just done Rome and Brighton marathons in last 4 weeks so needed another to keep me going before next year. Looks like this might be a good one for a PB, but was going to keep that for Brighton next year. (Well attempt to anyway)

    Booked flights and accomadation. Not packed my bags yet (always leave it too late).

    Secret passion - 3:45 sounds a viable time, but always have a plan B!!!!

  • Hi Paul, how was Rome? Did it last year. Simply beautiful!!!
  • H! How've you been? You still doing Comrades?

  • I am!!  So far so good but I don't want to jinx myself.  You?

  • V good thanks. Just did Paris with a 5 min PB. Got Hadrian's Wall in June and I'm joining a load from the Paris thread in August to do a relay run from Bratislava to Brussels for charity - if you fancy joining. How long till Comrades?

  • mysecretpassion - go for it, I ran 3h26 in my first marathon off one half of 1h37. If you double your HM time and add twenty minutes that should be a safe predictor, I managed to go faster than that probably due to the training benefits after the HM.

    I am considering Amsterdam or Dublin so popped my head around the door to see if some marathon experts are willing to part with their advice so I can establish pros and cons of both and make a decision from there.

  • I'm in for this one.

    hi H. I thought you'd be on hereimage.

    i'm running it with my girlfriend as we both fancied a summer training for a marathon rather than the traditional winter training. We also wanted to see Amsterdam and what better way of doing that.

    we need sname info on sites to see and the best places to stay. Not looked at flights yet as toying with the idea of coming over on the ferry from Hull.


  • 8.5 miles for me tonight. I've ran Monday,Tuesday,cycled Wednesday so a busy few days. I've struggled to run this year through injury and I'm still struggling to get any pace but I'm hoping it'll clear soon and running will be more comfortable and easier.

    The good thing is we've plenty of time .


    Enjoy your weekends.

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