im planning ti compete in the 2013 tough guy challange but i was jsut wondering if there was any advice for preperation for this event.for the last 4 months i have been running for about an hour and a half a day i understand i need to up my training now.i was hopping someone could offer any advice at all for this more  worryied because of my height and weight and how the cold will effect me also.


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  • You run for 90 minutes every day ? Arent you tired ?

    It's a great event - some upper body strength is needed but not masses.

    A good start is great and then there's less waiting on obstacles.

    So long as you're moving you should be warm.

    Helly hansen tops are great - wear cycling mitts too if you want - might help with gripping.

    As for your height - work together with others - they'll give you a leg up or down from things.

    You may want to look at your running sessions though - that just sounds too much unless you're used to it. Id mix it up a bit.
  • with the running its not the fastest pace but i have started cutting it down now and doing less time but a bit faster

  • Done it three times, and as others have probably told you, its the cold that's the killer. It's not actually all that far, so masses of fitness isn't needed...but...the faster you get round the quicker you're out of the cold. It's one of the very few events where instead of giving the advice 'pace yourself', I'd be more inclinded to say 'run like hell right from the start!' The reason I say this is that once you get to the 'killing fields' you haven't got a lot of running left to do, but will face some serious cold endurance. Last year was quite mild and not so bad, but get a sub-zero year and it's this bit that makes it 'tough'. ( Much harder than all the usual 'mud races' ). Good luck, it's a superb event, by far the best I've ever been involved in, atmosphere is something else.

  • This event is quite simply.......AWESOME, Done it twice now, The first one we where breaking through the ice to get into the water, Last year wasnt too bad but still a bit "fresh"

    As Gareth says try and pull away from the crowds, This will help you keep moving and prevent standing around at obstacles.

    My training was pretty varied to be honest, I had a great route planned where I live, The first 4 miles where a combination of roads and off road terrain, then Id hit a river so as mad as it sounds id jump in and lye there for a few minutes, Then get up and run the remainder. This helped me a little when jumping in and out of water on the course!

    Just enjoy it, Its a great day and a great atmosphere.


    The next BIG one is the 20 miler this year, 200 obstacles!!!!!!!

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