Throbbing knee ache

Anyone found they've got a real throbbing ache around the knees after this morning's very cold Parkrun?  I hadn't been out for two weeks and was wearing shorts so I'm guessing it's a combination of exposure and lack of practice.  Hurt like hell for about an hour afterwards though.

I'm just being a wimp aren't I...


  • i think in this case the obvious wins L.O.B plenty of rest

    sound like circulation wasnt the best due to the weather etc.

    dare i ask, what about a warm up?

  • Ah.  Yeah.  Now you mention it and if you'll imagine I'm looking quite sheepish for a moment, spending my warm up time scraping ice from the car might have had something to do with it.  Thanks.

    I refer you back to my previous wimp comment...

    Still going to go with your plenty of rest advice though, cheers Jason!

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