The other night in the early morning I was walking for a bit with the intention of then running as I do walking then running, back to walking etc for 11 miles & as I got about a  quatrter of a way I got cramp in my right calf which was agony then in the left & within seconds I had the most excruciatingly agonizing cramps in both legs at the same time. Luckily I was smack in the middle of the countryside & nobody heard me scream & cry the place down!

It left me totally immobilized for a while & I couldn't walk, couldn't run, not even limp, it rooted me to the spot for about 15 minutes.

Eventually I managed to carry on walking but the pain was still agony. Time after I managed to carry on running/walking but for about 3 quarters of my 11 miler I had these cramps & painful 'twinges'.

Any advice on how to deal with it while running/walking would be much appreciated!



  • Maybe try a little more salt in your diet especially before a longer run, just because its not summer we still sweat more than you think and loose as much body salts as we do in the summer. It's probably partially muscle fatigue and lack of body salts. I use high 5 zero its been a god send to me. I only use it on longer runs or races. Lots of brands of a similar result on the market like nuun, but I find zero is reasonable and works for me. I always make the drinks up twice as strong as the recommendation on the tube.

    Good luck.
  • 2 Bananas before, nuun (or equivalent) imageduring

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