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Im starting to wonder what sort of diet I should be following once I get into the more serious training next year.

Can people post examples of a typical day's food/nutrition intake with a bit of an explanation of what you eat/drink and why, plus any useful advice.

I currently have no idea what I should be aiming for, previously when ive trained for Marathons ive just tried to max the carb intake and minimise fat and protein.



  • I do 4000-4500kcals per day

    If i do an all day training session - i may do double that

    I eat lots of goo lean protien - Tuna, Chicken, Beef
    Wholemeal bread & pasta along with brown rice
    Lots of fruit and veg

    I aim for roughly a 60/20/20 c/p/f split

  • I am currently training to be a sports nutritionist so i finf that helps a lot
  • Double that Wildwill !!!

    That's a lot of calories
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  • a 6'2" 200lb shrimp
  • a day in the saddle can burn a lot of cals

    During an IM race youu need to take in 200-250kcals every 20mins on the bike
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  • Rule of thumb is about 30 calories per kilo of body weight, 40 to 65% carbs, 15 to 30% fat & 15 - 30% protein. Hydration is important too - 4 to 8 ounces of fluid every 15 to 20 minutes. (Kilos to pounds, divide by 2.2)
    Take in more carbs when training fast or long, less for easier sessions. Carbs appear in plants and by-products: fruits, veg, peas/beans, and grains, plus milk and joghurt.
  • And I use Met-Rx protein powder for post-exercise nutrition. Comes in vanilla, chocolate, & berry flavours, mix with milk or water, add fruits to taste, it's like drinking a thick milk shake.
  • I use SIS Rego
  • I am trying to stay around 2000 calories a day, 30 gram fat (most of my food is carb based).

    I am doing this as whilst its early in my training (about 1 hour cardio a day) I am trying to loose weight (currently 208lbs, 6ft 1, body fat about 25%), I want to get to about 180lbs and body fat <18%.

    I have found the weight loss pretty slow going but have lost 14lbs in 10 weeks, someone said to me i may need to eat more to loose more weight, is there any truth in this or some kind of theory behind it. NB, I havnt felt exhausted or to drained from the diet I am following.

    A typical day is either something like.

    Breakfast - Bowl of cerial for breakfast with skimmed milk.

    Lunch - Baked potato & beans (maybe some salad to? or sometimes I have just fruit or a slim fast milkshake for instead.

    Dinner - Pasta and with lean beef / chicken breast, or ham rolls with salad (three rolls usually).

    Supper - maybe a bowl of cerial.

    I know my diet isnt great and I may be eating to much bread.

    Any advice is appreciated.
  • 2000Kcals no where near enough

    If you did no training and have a sadate job youd be burning arounf 2700-2900kcal per day for mantenance

    Depending on how intence you cardio is much more easy runing burns 4.6kcal/hr/lb

    So there is another 1000 kcals
  • I'm loosing wight at my intake - if you want to do a long endurance event like an IM you need to train - to train you need to fuel

    1lb a week should be target weight loss
  • and you need lots of protein too... endurance athletes need more than weight lifters due to the cortisol effect

    (but that said, most of the batty gym rats eat a lot more protein than they need)

    i'm sure Will can tell you how much protein you need
  • 2000 cals is far too low, it's about what I eat and I'm a 5'5 female.

    Eating too few calories is counter-productive to losing weight - it does depress your metabolic cycle and so you don't lose the weight you want to.
  • If you are not feeling tired then you are o.k. if your training is mostly low intensity then you are burning off fat stores which is good. Losing the weight slowly is good although frustrating but keep a close check on your intake as it will need to change as you increase volume/intensity of your training.
  • As for protein you need a bit more than the average person but there is no conclusive proof that any athlete in any sport needs much more. Listen to your body if you feel ok with no tiredness or lethargy then you are on the nose for your current situation.
  • N0 - you intake is to low
  • way too low - i eat about 4000 cals on the average day and i stay in balance
  • Food is fuel - Ironman training uses lots of fuel
  • eg guinness and curries

    ...although i have started adding creatine and amino acid pills to my post-session recovery potion, following earlier discussions
  • Yo'll have to let me know if it has any effect (appart from the 2-3lb youl gain)
  • 2-3 lb of prime british beef?

    or water?

    nope i was swayed by the theory that protein can't get through the digestive tract quickly enough, and that 'raw' amino acids (inc creatine) are therefore preferable... we'll see what happens

    logically though that argument is flawed - why would evolution come up with a neat solution that we couldn't however make full use of until we developed industrial pharmacology??

    ... but i'll let you know if it seems to help
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  • Yo'll gain bothe muscle and water - but its not a worry this time of year

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