Chest infection - London marathon

Hi All

I'm a regular runner I've been struggling with a chest infection for 4 weeks now and no sign of it letting up. I've had 2 courses of antibotics and now been told it viral and just to fight it.. so frustrating. Anyway I have a ballot place for London 2013 and had started my training I was up to 9 miles but haven't done anything for 4 weeks now and its looking like its going to be another few weeks at least before I can run again. So my question is who thinks I should defer my place until 2014?

I want to do it justice but part of me things I will be pushing my body too soon to get ready?









  • Unless they've moved it and not told me, London is in late April.  It's November.  There's going to be a lot of ups and downs between now and then.  Take your abx, rest up and don't worry.  There is plenty plenty time.

    From memory the 16 week plan starts late Dec with a 6 mile longest run so you're well ahead of that.  You're doing this for fun, for enjoyment, for achievement.  Don't forget that ... and stop stressing this early or you'll be a beside yourself when the tapir madness hitsimage


  • What TP says - some people won't even have started training yet so don't panic.

  • You can defer up until the day before the marathon so no need to panic.

    As TP says - the 16 week plans don't start til roun Xmas. I would focus on getting better first.
  • Thank you all!

    Yes I am stressing too early.. I'll stick to sitting on my bum so I better!

  • Hi jeno,

    I have had a similar illness recently and also had 4 weeks out... I'm doing the stratford marathon which is a week after VLM. I was equally frustrated, but just got back into training slowly. I would completely agree with the other guys- don't worry too much, time is on your side.

    Hope you enjoy London, it's a great atmosphere.
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