GPS Iphone apps.

Hiya I was thinking of staring to use and iphone gps app to moniter my runs but was wondering how much data it will use? i have 500 megebytes in my contract and dont want the app to drain it and make me go over. 

Thanks Everyone!


  • You only use the data allowance when you upload your activity. So wait til you get somewhere that has wifi ?
  • Oh I see so in wont actually be usin up my allowance as I'm running along?
  • unless you are using something like mapmyrun, and have live tracking on... I use it but it doesn't seem to use that much, well below my 500mb limit anyway


  • GPS doesn't use data. It would only use your data allowance if you consult the phone during a run and it has to download a bit of map to display to you.

  • Mobile phone GPS can, and does, use data.

  • some mobile phone GPS uses locations of wi-fi to augment location data, infomation that has to be downloaded.

  • Sorry, just based my comment on the fact I use gps tracking for skiing abroad, when I have data roaming switched off. Makes sense though that the phone would use data if it has it available. image


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