With Christmas round the corner, a set of headphones will be making their way on to my list. I use my iPod earbuds but find they are of poor quality, particularly when wet or sweaty. If anyone can make a good recommendation I would be grateful. Also, are those with the bits that go around the ear to keep in place comfortable? Thanks. Tony


  • Sennheiser sport ones are very good. They stay put and last. They can get a bit uncomfy on really long runs though.
  • Ditch the head phones an go 'o naturel' it's much more enjoyable listening to your surroundings image
  • I have used a pair from sports direct which were cheap (about 7 pounds I think) but go round the back of my head rather than the ear bud type ones. Find them really comfy and they never ever slip or come out.
  • Thank you for your help and suggestions.
  • Sennheiser +1

    Of course you realise if you are a proper runner you aren't allowed to use headphones while running image
  • Hi Speedy,

    Would agree with the sennheiser - see link http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser-PMX-680-High-Performance-Headphone/dp/B0034L3G8U/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1353881318&sr=8-15

    I have got this pair - decent sound, and they DO NOT fall out.

    Best of luck!

  • Theres a review of headphones in the mag this month. Timely.
  • Hey!

    Cougie said that Jan/13' issue has the headphones coments and well....they are there but none are really to my liking....I got some in-ear 20 pound panasonics.... which are not noise-canceling/reducing (you won't get runnover) and since they arent expensive you won't mind sweating in them..... at least that's my opinion! good luck!

  • Depends on your budget - if I had £35 I'd buy these http://www.whathifi.com/review/soundmagic-e10

    In ear style that won't fall out whilst running or you can look at the previous model they replaced which are cheaper


    I run with the Sennheiser CX300 at the moment which are similar to the above and also good



  • I have had the Bose IE2 headphones for a while and so far they have been excellent.

    They are very expensive though, i bought them with amazon birthday vouchers but they came out at around £80. But the sound quality is far superior to the Sennheiser and they don't fall out. They stay in using a weird system that fits inside the ear but not the canal. it doesn't feel secure but they never come out and are mega comfy.

  • Jason Wintin wrote (see)
    Ditch the head phones an go 'o naturel' it's much more enjoyable listening to your surroundings image

    that depends on your surroundings, Jason. Running through Brixton and Streatham on Saturday morning, I was glad of my podcast to keep me company.

  • I've had two pairs of the Sennheiser sport headphones and i find they corrode from sweat. The wire mesh over the speakers allows sweat in, the speaker corrodes, rusts and they fail. I also found that they hurt on long runs, so i'm looking for another solution. The one thing i do like about the Sennheiser design is the band which seems to allow for more bass and less treble.

  • Soundmagic E 30  best headphones I have used for running. Great sound and stay securely in the ears .  

  • Another recommendation for Soundmagic - here is my brief review from Amazon

    This review is from: SoundMagic PL30 In - Ear Sound Isolating Earphones (Electronics)

    I bought these specifically for use when running and really wasn't sure how the design would work with both running and the fact I wear glasses - couldn't be happier.They are very comfortable, light, beautifully made, the earphones never fall out ( and I tend to be out running for at least an hour ) they also sound amazing. Took some time to get the right size foam tip and its important to use the cable "toggle" so that there is good cable tension by the back of the neck once the earphones are on. One of the best purchases I have made for ages and would urge anyone who weares glasses and wants great quality "sport" earphones to give these a try - highly recommended!
    PS. All the hype about Comply Foam Tips is true - treat yourself and buy some, it really does add that extra bite to the soundstage.




  • I'm with you AgentGinger - I find drowning out my surroundings of traffic and tedious people with my music is a must - even if it puts me in the 'not a proper runner' class. Oh and Sennheiser PX300 do the job very nicely!

  • I would second any Sound Magic recommendations, I use PL30's for running and they are brilliant and E30's for work, again, brilliant.

    Also, bear in mind, historically I would have to replace my running and work headphones at least twice a year and the sound magic ones have lasted far in excess of a year.

  • The monster isport are great, they can be pricey but you can get them on ebay for £50-60. I managed to find some in my local comet closing down sale for £48. Bargainimage

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