Newbie Gear Dilemma

I'm targetting a couple of tris next year, and am in a bit of a dilemma after having visited Decathlon yesterday. I am currently getting back into some kind of cycling fitness on my trusty, re-fitted 20 year old Raleigh Randonneur touring bike (fairly light, but certainly not a road bike). However, riding time is somewhat limited: weather, and often having to stay in home in the evenings (when not running). Funds are also not unlimited.

So, do you think I would be better getting my hands on a turbo-trainer (the Tacx Satori Pro) so I can do a lot more training over the winter, and make do with the Randonneur, or should I wait a couple more months and save up for the Triban 3. I know I want both, but not sure the funds (and OH!) could justify this.


  • What tri distances are you looking at? I've seen people riding every type of bike at the London tri (even boris bikes), the other thing is how serious are you about triathlons, if its going to be a long term thing then you will end up upgrading your bike, if its just to see if you like it consider looking on ebay, you can get a tacxs for around £60.

    Turbos are great for some but others hate them, you have to be happy churning out hourt after hour watching dvds or listening to music.

    Can you borrow one to try if money is tight...thuis is not a cheap sport but you don't need all the bling kit (but you will want it)

  • I'll get on eBay - good way to cut the cost. I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the events: I've a few years of runing experience behind me, up to marathon distance, and enjoy building to a challenge. I also know that the fitter I am, the more I will enjoy the event. I think I am leaning towards the trainer at the moment - the bike I have is definitely good enough for the time being. I suppose it is a balance between do I want to get fitter, or have a faster, flashier bike: I know the answer to that one.

  • Flash bike doesnt equal fast, you'll soon see that at events, the quote "all the gear no idea" was made for triathletes i reckon.

  • Good point..... I just REALLY like the look of the new bike! 


    Anyway, I'm going to start off with a super-sprint at Wilmslow (pool based), and then thinking about the Yorkshire triathlon - maybe sprint, maybe oly. I'll see how I feel.

  • Do it, use the bike you have, make sure it's something you want to do and then try several bikes to make sure the one you choose fits....then get on the kit thread, get a yellow vest and...well you can guess the rest.

  • You pirates would make great drug-dealers.
  • Wilmslow is a lovely tri for your first one image


  • Flash bike but over taken by bloke on MTB will make you sad.

    Over taking a flash bike whilst on an old touring bike due to extra training will make you happy.

    Bikes are like trainers, sure Mo Farah has the fastest trainers, even if he wore mine. I however have slow trainers even if I wore his.

    So young jedi get a turbo trainer - train to get the force..

  • turbo over winter can make a big difference come spring

    and just don't sit on it an pedal - make each session meaningful.  get some turbo sessions to follow - - is the 1st port of call (it's free) but sorting out the decent sets from the crap can take some time.  alternatively get a screen set up with either a DVD or a hard drive and get some videos to follow - Spinervals are useful (DVD), Sufferfest are better (download MP4's).  

    I did an hour Sufferfest yesterday - could hardly walk when I got off the bike (and that wasn't saddle soreness....)

  • Thanks for that link FB, any suggestions on which sessions you found we're good ones. I have a turbo trainer winging its way to me from wiggle at the mo, so am looking into getting the best out of it. Was looking at going down the trainer road + sufferfest route as it seems like a good price.
  • I haven't been on TT for a while so I'll need to take a look and see what sessions are on there now

    definitely worth downloading a few SF vids

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