Access to iPad version for magazine subscribers

I have subscribed to the RW magazine for some years and would now like the flexibility to read that AND have access to it via the iPad app, which looks good, especially when I am commuting, and dreaming about a good run! Even though some golf magazines and many others provide access to the electronic version of their magazine, as part of the standard subscription charge, why is it that RW chooses not to recognise the changing face of its subscribers? Come on RW; keep up with the pace that your subscribers' set; no flagging!!


  • If you subscribe using Zinio instead you get the electronic version. then you have to send an email with your subscription details to be able to get the Plus features on this site. I agree, a bit cack-handed.

  • Agree on this, just got a subscription and expected to be able to view on iPad..come on RW!

  • Hey RW. Is there a an answer to the above yet? I was also hoping to read on my iPad. Thanks 

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