crampy feet in 'fly


Just pretend I'm a 13-year-old girlie for a while, huh? :o)

My daughter is great at 'fly, but gets crippled with cramps in the arches of both feet. Also in the calf of her right leg (she has Sever's Disease, which probably accounts for that).

Any advice?



  • Dunno - I get cramp in the arch of my feet when I sit on them in yoga, I guess it's a similar motion, the water pushes the feet back.
  • does she do any swimming specific stretches or exercises Jj - might be worth looking some up for her - swimmers often neglect the land work !
  • Jj, is this toward end of sessions? I always used to get crampy toes. make sure she's drinking squash not water during trainng, give her a banana to eat an hour pre training. even put a small pinch of 'lo-salt' in the squash (potassium as well as sodium, as opposed to normal salt).

    Ummm. can't think of anything else really, she should be properly warmed up if in coached session, other than that it may be a strength thing as she's only 13, make sure she's stretching out her calfs after training properly.
  • thank you - I shall show her this, particularly the calf-stretching thing.

    coz she SHOULD and she DOESN'T! Grrrrr.
  • I think the foot cramps because of the point of the toes business that you always end up doing - especially with the butterfly kick. Happens to me when I swim the day after the 'night before' (booze booze booze) and I haven't got everything back to normal. I know in my case eating and drinking lots to replace all the nutrients is important and when I am fit, it doesn't happen
  • pointing, I meant
  • Jj, one very effective way to get girls to stretch -a friends mother once told us that if you stretch properly after exercise your muscles look longer and leaner, if you don't they will end up looking shorter and rounder. girls all want to look long and lean not short and round so we stretched. in hindsight i reckon it was a pile of poop as i have never heard of it since -but i still stretch now!!
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