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I'm looking for a recommendation - my husband (triathlete) needs a new jacket for xmas that is good for wet weather running and biking. Lightweight, waterpoof, breathable, drawcord hem, roll-away hood and long at the bike to keep his ar*e warm as he flogs up hills on the bike etc...

Any ideas?




  • Hmm, I would probably go Altura type thing for the bike. Running, I'd pick the Aldi one for silly money. Both are very good but the Altura is a bit much for running.

  • Hi Lianna,

    Gore Running wear have some decent waterproof jackets which are really light weight.  They will be suitable for bike & run.

  • My cycling jackets are too thick really for running. You need them to be extra warm because of the windchill factor and they're cut differently.

    There's lots of kit out there but he may find he needs two.

    The aldi rain jacket is good for running and then take it out on the bike as an extra layer if needed.
  • you can get away with just the one jacket if you use decent layering underneath for the bike - the key is to get windproof as well as waterproof.

    however waterproof jackets can be uncomfy to run in as they retain as much sweat as they let out - quite often you end up getting wetter inside than out!

    so for me - I wouldn't run in a jacket I bike in - I'd run in a windproof gilet and let the arms get wet

  • Hello Lianna,  any jacket to cover both sports will be a bit of a compromise.  I went with an OMM kamleika smock.  I'd say it's a running jacket you can cycle in. 

    It's unusual in that the fabric stretches but it is properly waterproof and breathes better than non waterproof jackets I've had.  It's designed to fit closely which means it doesn't flap on the bike and strangely the fabric doesn't rustle when you run. It has a chest pocket, thumb loops, drawstring waist and a hood that rolls into a collar.

    The hood is adjustable and has a peak and is cut so it fits around the neck properly rather than gaping and letting the wind pull the hood back.  I've found for running in rain you have to reduce the layers or you'll over heat and get wet on the inside as FB said. It won't keep you warm on the bike but layers will sort that.

    For running I can't fault the jacket/smock.  For cycling I've used it 4-5 hours of contiuous steady rain and it didn't let any in and it's light folds up small and easily fits in a jersey pocket.  The fabric is thin enough that you can wear the hood under a cycle helmet and the peak sticks out the front just like a cycle cap.

    The down sides.  The sleeves are plenty long enough for cycling but if you want to use the thumb loops with gloves they're a bit tight not a major problem though, the sleeves are elasticated.  The cut at the back is long enough for the jacket to cover my backside but it's a close fit rather than a drop tail that a cycling specific jacket might have.

    The jacket comes in black or a sort of lilac-blue - not really stand out colours for cycling at night although there are reflective markings on the front, back and arms.

    If you're cycling tri or running fashion concious you may not be impressed, this is a bit of kit used by mountain marathon and fell runners and is designed to work rather than look cool.  If you don't care about that it's worth a look and is a very good compromise longer term you can always add a bike specific jacket if you need to, I use mine for running, cycling and roller skiing .  It's not a cheap option-you can pick one up for £110 and there's a full zip model if that's preferable to a smock.


  • I have a Berghaus one that has removeable sleeves so can double up as a gilet on warmer days. Had it around 5 years and still going strong

  • Waterproof gilet and arm warmers woks for me
  • I am a big fan of Aldi kit but not for a christmas pressie.image

    Whatever you get, check the returns policy as fit and comfort is tricky.

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