Isnt it about time.....

I think its about time now that everyone had a piccie on show, what do you think?

If anyone is having trouble due to the exact size requirements then I am sure either Blue Knees or myself or other volunteers will be happy to resize or trim your pic as required, just let us know


  • Thanks. I just emailed mine to you.
  • Yup, come on you lot. If I can do it anyone can.
  • I got bored with picture, so am looking for something else. In the meantime a nice scene from where I live.
  • Yeah OK, I'll get something sorted soonish
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    I'll endeavour to send mine in this weekend. I've not exactly been dying to do this, as the only digital image of me in existence is from my days as a hapless Sunday League goalkeeper, looking like I wished I hadn't got up that Sunday morning.

    Vanity is a terrible thing.
  • I don't know how to do it (and haven't got a digital camera)!
  • I'll dig one out from home & see if I can get this damn scanner to work, if I can I'll send it to you NN as I haven't got a clue about these things
  • Hi all, feel free to send me any images to alter as required, my email address is

    If any have special instructions then just let me know, like just head and shoulders, or view shot, or similar
  • Well done NN, looks like I can retire early
  • haha, dont you go anywhere BK, my boss is back from hols next Tuesday!!!
  • Remember guys, that it doesn't have to be a picture of yourself. Something to represent you is also acceptable (like mine for example).
  • Also remember the RW staff approve the pics manually, so it may take a few hours for your pic to appear after you have submitted it!
  • Sassie, invent something thats what most do. If you've got an idea for a picture then we can put it together for you
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    I've sent mine in, i've got a feeling its going to look rather distorted as it looked a bit warped, but we'll see...
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    any tips on how to make the image into the correct size? I have an image that is 84 x 198 pixels as a bitmap (it's not a photo) & I don't know a great deal on how to get it to the RW site size? Cheers
  • It looks fine tractor. My one will like that one as its his favourite object.

    Gavo, I'll mail you. Send me back the picture and I'll resize it
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    The way I did it was to go into Windows Explorer, double-click on the image to launch it, click on Image, then Resize, then tick 'Allow distortion' (or something like that).

    You then select Pixels from the drop-down which has defaulted to Cms, and amend the numbers accordingly to show 100 / 120. Then save the image again, and upload it.

    (Clearly I am not a computer genius. I'm sure NN / BK can explain this clearer...)
  • Fab - have an electronic photo of me just before a parachute jump in my combats (don't ask!) but can't work out how to cut out the gorgeous guy standing next to me so that it's just my head and shoulders. NN can I send it to you? I'm the one in the shades wearing a parachute......
  • Fany, yes feel free,
  • Gavo, picture on its way.
  • Busy huh BK :)
  • Thanks NN, I now have my piccie, and in recoed time too!
  • Yep BK was busy, sorting out my new one. Thanks again. I changed it as the last one could've been anyone - it really was me though. I haven't got bars coming out of my head, the photo was taken on the stairwell at work which is a glass & steel wire construction so has bars instead of banisters.
  • Long lunch break NN. My boss is playing golf this afternoon
  • I am pretty lucky also cos my boss is my running partner, so even when he is here I can still spend some time on the forums :)
  • Watch this space....NN has sorted out my pic so it just needs approval now!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    BK has sorted out a picture for me but it's not uploaded properly yet. I'm sparing you the sight of what I actually look like though....
  • drum roll...............
  • Is there anyone I can send a real picture to? I don't have a scanner or anything, so can't email something across. I've not a technophobe, just poor!
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