Sealskinz confusion

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I want to get some Sealskinz waterproof socks but don't know which ones to choose. Can anyone tell me which type are best for running. 



  • I've found them pretty useless for anything apart from snow! Smartwool socks are much better, your feet get wet but they stay warm and the socks stay in place!
  • Thanks Touie, that's the first time I've ever heard anyone say that about them!  I heard they were great for keeping your feet dry unless the water comes in over the top.

  • But your feet sweat anyway ? So you'd still be wet. I've some for cycling but haven't used them for years.
  • There's a bit of difference cougie between sweaty feet wet and sloshing through muddy puddles wet!

  • Sweaty feet = blisters and they aren't a great fit which also = blisters! Hence why they are only really useful in snow!
  • I've only used them a couple of times and its been for a long training run or ultra where its been absolutely chucking it down from the start and forecast to continue for the day.  I stick a pair of Injinji liner socks on underneath and that's worked well for me.

    Other times, I'd rather just wear a decent pair of normal running socks and let the water drain out.

  • SS socks are awful to run in - they are too bulky and uncomfy to start with and don't let the sweat out. fine for biking but not running.

    just wear decent running socks and accept wet feet

  •  personally love mine as hate getting wet feet. Yes they are a touch sweaty but better than having soaking wet feet that get cold. IMHO of course!!! Had mine for four years used them for cycling coast to coast when it rained every day and use them for wet long runs and personally dont sweat too much on my feet but I aint too fast at 8mmiling so maybe thats just me.......

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