Garmin 310XT - £150 good buy?

I enjoy cycling and have future aspirations for Ironman after I complete my first marathon next year. Is the Garmin 310XT a good buy at £150? It comes with an HRM but I do already have one as I have a Forerunner 210.

The Forerunner 210 is a running watch. Consequently the calories burned are not accurate for cycling and it does not connect to a cadence/speed sensor such as the Garmin GSC10.

I can afford a 910XT but I hate to spend money when I don't have to. I was going to buy a Garmin 500 or Garmin 800 for cyling and continue to run with my Forerunner 210 but the 310XT seems to do it all - if you don't need a big display or mapping.

I can always cancel my order but this seemed like a deal. What do you guys think? Good buy or not?


  • Go 910 for ??266 here,3361955,

    No HRM and you are top of technology tree, sell your 210 or keep as spare, the older HRM belts pair well with 910

    And I have no allegiance to store, just cheapes about at mo

    There is nothing wrong with 310 though, it just doesn't do pool swim only open water and the technology is a bit sketchy as GPS doesn't like to be submerged
  • Sorry, just to reiterate, there is nothing wrong with 310, especially for that price
  • The 910XT is 274 including delivery from bike inn. Is it really worth the extra over the 310XT which I am getting for £124 less?

  • Swim stroke calculation for which you get a pool mate for £60.

    Allows you set two rate reminders for an IM. 310XT you can set a running reminder for every 10mins if you want to a run/walk strategy. I think the 910 lets you set two reminders at 10+1 so you get a reminder at start and stop of each interval.

    Barometric altitude

  • Meface - how useful/important are those things?

  • Haven't got one and never used swim stroke calculators, although masters session they do make us count manually sometimes. Not a brilliant swimmer so for me I don't think it owuld be much benefit other than to feed the data beast.

    Reminders, probably quite useful. With 10-minute reminders when tired it is easy to look at watch occaisionally and then tack a bit more on 10:53, I'll start at that tree which may well be 11:15. The second reminder forces you to go. £150? Nope.

    Barometric altitude, only if you want to hang out with ultra ultra runners and maybe some bike freaks. Are you are the top of the hill, no, then you have more hill to climb. Altitude is available on 310XT but GPS accuracy for altitude is not brilliant and barometric is better.

    I have 310XT and if it broke I may get the 910 but certainly don;t see enough reason to upgrade.


  • I think you have answered your own question, 310 it is
  • I cancelled it after sleeping on it. I am not going to start training for an ironman until may. I like the shiniest newest toys. I will just buy a 910 when I need it.

  • K - stick with what you have.

    and imho you don't need anything like a 310 or 910 unless you're a stats freak (which you are...image) - a good old 210 will do for most run training, a bike computer for bike training and a solid HRM to back both up.  for the swim training - do lots of with decent coaching

  • Rosie - have you used that website before? As I ordered a 910 this morning and have just recieved an email asking for a copy of my passport or driving licence as proof of who am I!! Sounds very suspicious to me - so I've cancelled my order (I hope)

  • 910xt is £259 delivered from Amazon UK.

  • Raf - they are based in Spain and probably need some additional proof if it's your 1st purchase.  why not ask them why they need it??

  • FB - spoke to credit card company who said they would be send an authorisation code, which should be ok. Was just a little dubious about sending copies of my passport!

  • not used them but as FB said be sure but as its Spanish its probably an auth they need to compare it against.

    If you have cancelled, go the Amazon route, the only reason I linked them was it was the people who were selling them for £249 a few weeks ago via


  • I was looking at some of their snow stuff - thay have a pair of ski boots listed that I'm interested in getting hold of.  best UK price is c£450 - theirs is £330 - that's some BIG difference!   might be worth a punt on a low cost item and see how they fare on delivery etc...

  • Well, my 910 order has gone through after re-assuarnace from the CC company - so i'll let you know if it turns up in the next coulpe of days!

  • I ordered mine off them and had the same concerns re passport. I just sent them on a scanned copy and the watch arrived a couple of days later no problem.

  • Cheers B_Kins - I'm sure it'll be fine!!

  • Khanivore wrote (see)

    I enjoy cycling and have future aspirations for Ironman after I complete my first marathon next year. Is the Garmin 310XT a good buy at £150? It comes with an HRM but I do already have one as I have a Forerunner 210.


    Can I ask where you seen the 310XT for that price? Cheers


  • Amazon had it as a Black Friday deal

  • Yup it was an Amazon black friday deal.

    Rafiki -  how much are you paying including shipping from Bike Inn? I thouhgt that Amazon price was cheaper - it's not a black friday price i quoted on the 910XT.

  • Ah, cheers anyway.

  • Khanivore - it was only a few quid difference - didn't realise Amazon had dropped their price since the day before - missed your post. But as FB pointed out, the one I ordered is from Spain, which is perfect as Lanza is my next race - so it'll work on the other side of the road, and speak Spainish image

  • Si Se??or Rafiki.
  • Rafiki I like your style image
  • Well it arrived as promised......speaking fluent Spanish now!!

    Just got to figure out how it works!!

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