Which garmin?

Going to get a new garmin for Xmas, but do I get one for my bike (edge500/800) and suffice with my iPhone for runs or get the 910xt? Any advice or recommendations welcome!


  • I love my 910, but it can be a bit inaccurate in the pool. I get the odd length that is literally 2 or 3 seconds long, or sometimes it misses turns.

    I suppose it depends what you want to use it for.

    Overall though, I'd recommend it, long battery life, lots of options for screen displays, alerts etc, and it seems to pick up satellite much better than my old 410cx
  • Can't use the iPhone in a race, maps are no good in a race, if you want a gadget for triathlon get the 910, if you want a great piece of kit for bike training go 800.

    Alternatively get cheaper bundle on one of them without HRM and get them both for just over price of loaded 800.

    Can get a 910XT for ??260 here http://www.bikeinn.com/bike/garmin-forerunner-910xt/18456/p?belboon=0330d908b56303060e00461e,3361955,

    and a

    500 for ??140 here http://www.satnav-discounts.co.uk/tomtom-go/garmin-edge-x00.htm

    ??400 for both or ??375 for an 800, I know what I would prefer and I run both of these in training and racing and they are brilliant.
  • I grabbed a 910xt + hrt for 290 on Amazon. cadence was an extra 27

    Was gutted to find out I could stick an extra battery on my iphone for the bike/run in racing - as thats banned image. Hence the investment in a 910. already have a bike computer, and wont need a map unless im really in the shyte.  in which case, ill be getting my OH to locate me using the 'find my idiot husband' app on her own iphone.

    cant wait till santa puts it under the tree, and I can open it officiallyimage


  • I just got a hold of a Swimovate PoolMate Pro, you know what for about £50 on eBay second hand granted, it's a damn clever little tool.

    I already have a Timex Ironman Global Trainer so cant justify a Garmin 910XT just for the added features of pool swimming it gives.  I really recommend this trick little gadget.  I've used in for 2 pool sessions so far & it hasnt missed a length yet in 4.6 km of swimming.

  • 910xt deal is back for ??250


    Need to use TRIDEALS code at checkout
  • I happen to have a 910 & an 800. 800 is great for training with a visible dashboard. 910 for races. Both look identical when downloaded to garmin.

    Overall though, the 800 probably edges it, simply cos you can see what you are doing while you are doing it whereas the 910 is a bit fiddly.

    If I were starting again, would probably go 800 plus a fairly basic Polar for run. Can't see dick in the swim so makes no odds really.

    However, the 910 does make me run faster coz it nags at you. And when you look and see 9.32 minute miling average, you go just that bit harder to get it under 9.30

  • I have an 800 on the bike and a basic 110 for therun

    The 110 is a bit crap, (compared to a 910) but it does the job, and its cheap.

    Both use the same hr strap......

    both upload to garmin connect or training peaks.
  • I got an 800 preloaded with OS maps - love it although for the novice it has an appalling manual online. Once you get the hang of it's great though.

    Also have polar hrm and 201 and 110 forerunner for running. Er, is that too many gadgets?

  • Now they just need to make one with built in reading glasses. Gadgets are for the youth I have decided.

  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    Now they just need to make one with built in reading glasses. Gadgets are for the youth I have decided.

    Good point!! My arms aren't long enough anymore for me to read my 910 whilst training image

  • My 110 is crap, works about 70% of the time.  Should upgrade really.

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