Weight loss

Hi All

I have noticed that when travelling with work or feeling unwell, weeks I do not run my weight loss accelerates faster than when I am running hard week after week. Does anybody else notice this? If so what is the body doing? 


  • What is your diet like when you are training? Are you consuming too many calories to fuel your training (e.g. sports drinks?) I have seen athletes overestimate how much food they need to train and consequently don't loose weight / put on weight.

  • Hi Martin thanks for replying,

    I dont go near sports drinks as the calories look frightening. The breaks I have are small usually less than seven days and I dont feel I change habits in those days. But I find I go from stable / slowly reducing weight to suddenly dropping a kilo after a 7 day break. Its weird.

  • Yes. I've had this for the last few weeks. I've been eating far more than usual but ran my marathon on 4th Nov. Lost 6lbs in 3 weeks. I just put it down to the cold weather.
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