Neros a day

Most days I have a skinny latte or mocha drink and pastry before work, is this bad for me


  • Not if you like walkng around with a man bag, not my scene, I drink coffee.

  it must cost you a fortune!? One cup of coffee in Neros is £2 something, that's double what I spend on food for the whole day!

  • It's not going to kill you.
  • It's not the best you can do. There's a lot worse, there again you could do a lot better.

    Agree that it can't be doing your pocket any good either. Getting up 5 mins earlier in the morning and making yourself a cup of coffee and slice of toast before you go out the door would be just as easy. In fact, you don't have to get up 5 mins earlier, just use the time you'd be spending in Neros at home.


  • To me, breakfast is the most "routine" meal of the day, so whilst the odd pastry won't kill you, a daily pastry habit is not a great idea.  And paying for someone else to make you a cup of coffee (with a poncy name) every day is definitely false economy!

    *edit*  But I am a bit of a pikey when it comes to breakfast.  I do prefer the taste of real coffee but the office-supplied Kenco does the trick and is free (as is the milk that ends up on my cereal.)  image

  • I get free coffee at work, and I have no taste, so it's fine for me. However, Neros is the best of the branded coffee outlets, to my mind. Do not go to Starbucks.

  • i once heard someone compare going to Starbucks for coffee with going to prison for sex: you're know you'll definitely get it, but it's going to be rough.


  •  there's only 2 types of coffee imho - black filter or a cheek sucking espresso.  anything else doesn't count.

    anyway - it's tea in the morning until I get to the office and then the filter goes on.

  • i like a flat white and i don't know how to make it at home.

  • Not necessarily bad for you, but do you know much saturated fat is in the pastry and latte? Just have a look at the nutritional values - Nero should have it on their website - and make up your own mind image

    AgentGinger - I like that description of Starbucks coffee! They are really hit and miss, half the baristas seem incapable of making coffee without burning both the milk and beans. No wonder all the variations with syrup are so popular - takes away the bitter taste of burnt coffee!

    I'd rather have a coffee at home/work too, I've got a new stash of Blue Mountain to get through image


  • there's a really good coffee place just round the corner from my work, cheaper than Starbucks too. Even so, forking out 3 quid on a cup of coffee makes me feel like a bit of a sucker, so it's a once a week indulgence. Not sure what the mark up is on a coffee shop, but i imagine they do pretty well.

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