Night Running



I'm looking for advice regarding a jacket for running here in Manchester. As most of you know, the sun sets at 4.15 pm, its raining and cold very often and it can get quite windy.


I've been running for almost 4 months and I wouldnt like to delay my marathon because I got run over for not being seen! 


I guess that it is worth mentioning that i'm no pro so, please any advice would be gold! 


Thank you for your help!


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Normal clothing but wear a reflector vest and stick 3M scotchlite on the back and front of leggings.

    Shows up a mile away. Once drove down a road and saw flashing lights which turned out to be four runners with reflective tape on their ankles. Couldn't miss them.

  • Do you run in the road ?

    You can buy a hi viz tabard to put over your kit - and if you want lights - get the alpkit gamma was torch. That has lights front and back.

    If you look before crossing the road - I think that's best ?
  • Hi rbolio,

    Would agree with ric and cougie - get a reflector vest/scotchlite.  

    If you want a headtorch would really recommend a Silva Trail Runner - suberb piece of kit.


  • Hey guys! (and gals?)

     Thank you so much for the advice!   I do run on the road and always against trafic!!  thankfully most of the time it's on kind of well lit areas so i went to sports direct and got a couple karrimor hiviz jackets.....


    now I look like a traffic cone, but i hope i wont get run over!

    I will try and get the scotchlite over ebay/amazon, would be a great adition im sure, and as for the torch, maybe i will wait to see how i feel with the jacket tomorrow...

    I shall report my findings.


    Thank you all for your help! 

  • If you're in Manchester - dont they have pavements over there now ?
  • Yeah, but it doesn't hurt to be too carefull! Plus, I almost got hit by a teen that was texting.... I stopped when I noticed he was running a red light without realizing it was red....


    So..... image 

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