Talkback: Cover Up: Triathlon Travel Insurance (Preview)

Thanks for the great article here. I am working in the auto insurance industry by myself and many people think that I praise insurance only because I am selling it. But that's not the case I guarantee you. Many people underestimate it till the trouble happens. I can say many arguments why insurance is great but I don't think that you need them. Just think for a minute. Just read this article one more time and you will understand it.


  • a good article and covers the questions that many people have asked on here many times.

    I've used both Snowcard and Dogtag and have recommended both many times (I have nothing to do with the insurance industry - just want to make sure I have decent cover!)

    "It is usually cheaper to take out an annual policy, provided you are going to be making at least two or three trips a year. But with Snowcard, an annual policy to cover you for training and racing, using the same criteria, would cost £263.50 - meaning you would have to go away to race five times to get value for money."

    that amount sounds a lot but if you factor in cover for skiing trips, cycling holidays, general visits to Europe where you may go for a run or hire a bike etc, then an annual policy makes sense and gives peace of mind not having to chase last minute cover.

    I had to call on Snowcard cover once - when I broke my jaw skiing and rescue included a helicopter - one phone call from my wife to them was all we had to do.  they handled all payments and we were adequately covered for the risks.  on that basis - always get the best cover you can afford and make sure it covers all likely scenarios as helicopter rescue doesn't come cheap!!

  • One best explained article about triathlon insurance, one of the main benefit is it covers for individuals & groups.

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