Recommendations on good transition road shoes

Hi all, I'm new here, so forgive me if this topic has been covered before (which it probably has !) I've been running for about 9 months regularly, but have only recently started on the minimalist path. I had shin splints due to too much too soon and had to rest for 6 weeks. The shin pain came straight back when I started again, so I decided to try a more minimalist approach, and run on grass rather than Tarmac. I have some inov8 x talon trail shoes which are great, and made me instantly alter my style to forefoot, which is helping the shins I have entered the Bath half marathon which is in march,and I'm after a pair of transition shoes for road running. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I think I'm after some cushioning, but way less than the big chunky road shoes I've got at the moment. I should say that most of my running so far has been trail running which I love, and the shins only started acting up when I got onto the Tarmac. Thanks Dunc


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    Saucony have been doing quite a bit in this area with a move to 4mm heel-to-toe drops on a number of shoes.  There are some new models, such as the Kinvara and Mirage, and also some existing models have been updated, such as the Fastwitch.

    Personally I bought a pair of Mirage and I'm very pleased with them, using them for base training upto about 15 miles so far without any discomfort. I'm very tempted to pick up a pair of the Fastwitch or Kinvara for my speed work.  I've moved across from more traditional Asics shoes, and haven't had any problems.

    I think inov-8 have been doing some road shoes lately, so these might be worth a look? 

  • Yes, I'm a fan of the inov8 stuff. It's a minefield when you are first starting out,,as there are so many to potentially choose from ! Thanks
  • Brooks Pure Flow. Great shoe..

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