Trail race training

Hey everyone,

New to the forum but hoping it will have lots of great help and advice. Been road running just for fitness for a while after years playing rugby. Entered the Cartmel 18k trail race in March and the Coniston trail marathon in July next year and wondered if anyone knows of some good trails to train on around the Morecambe/Lancaster and surrounding area. Also any good training programmes, tips. My job travelling can disrupt training but I'm really looking forward to both these races next year and want to work hard in the winter months whilst I'm home.

Thanks for any help



  • well Paul, the best thing you can do is just take a look at a map image

    just by looking at google maps i can see you have the big area around Ward's Stone east of you that looka like it has some paths and is a short drive away, for really long runs the yorkshire dales are probably within driving distance, and plus there is the lancashire coastal way that might be worth a look?

    happy trail running

  • You would think living here I would know that image my excuse is I'm from Yorkshire and accidently ended up the' wrong 'side of the border......Thanks for the helpimage

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