Treadmill experience - c.£600, Nordictrack T8.0? Reebok T3.2?


apologies for starting posting with a "typical" question. BUT after getting fit again over the last few years, starting on Gym treadmills, then running outside, we have come to a point where we realise we probably do need to buy a treadmill for home in order to keep on top of fitness due to remote location, and life/work commitments.

What are people's experience of machines in our price bracket, especially the functionality and reliability of the two listed?

As I said above, I have been trying to research all the options over quite a few weeks, have set a notional budget of £600 (not including delivery which is likely to be high in our location. We are notwell off, but based on the frequent advice that, within reason, we will get the best the more we spend) read as many forums and reviews as we can find, have experience of commercial machines, but  we live in a remote island location off the north coast of Scotland so really cannot get access to any domestic machines to try them out.

I/we are open to any suggestions/recommendations but my research so far seems to point to good reviews for the Reebok machine being well built for price but the Nordictrack model having the "whistles and bells" attraction of iFiT to keep us interested over the long winter nights!  Real life experience comments welcome on these two or other models (even if it is just trying them in the shop).

(As far as suitability for us personally goes: I am male, the heavier but medium-fit doing 10Ks and aiming at half marathons, 13st 10lb, my wife would be looking for more general/slower fitness regimes. So, we expect it to be used 4-10 times a week for 0.5-1.5 hour sessions. We have 10 and 13 year old sons that might be interested in using it.)

Thanks in advance for any info,




  • 1) First thing to note: however good it looks on paper/screen, you really need to try it out before you buy (I know that's going to be difficult for you) - the one I had decided I wanted (Nordic Track C2000) turned out to feel awful to me when I tried it in the showroom. So do your research online, then go find a store with several models which you can try actually running on. I also found that another one I tried (Pro Form or BH Pioneer Star, I think - can't remember), the belt felt slippery when I tried to run. OR at least, make sure whoever you get it from allows you to return it at nominal cost if it just doesn't feel right.

    2) All the prices are "£X99 reduced from 2 x £X99" on most websites. Permanently.

    3) I found the website a useful place to start to compare machines in various price brackets (and it indicates where you might find them, at "real" prices.

    4) I'd recommend something with a decent warranty - you want it to last. Mine cost £799 two or three years ago (Horizon Paragon 408) and came with a lifetime warranty on motor and frame, 3 yrs on site parts/labour on everything else. Bit more than I'd intended to spend, but compared with e.g. fitness club membership, not so bad. Goes up to 20 kph and 12 degree incline - which gives a pretty good workout. I run with a club now, so use it less, but still find it useful for e.g. speed intervals.

    5) You don't want one which has to work at its maximum capabilities for the runs you want to do.

    5) Extras such as a built-in fan in the console, or somewhere to plug in your MP3 player, means more to go wrong...

  • Cheers Debra! I appreciate your first point about trying machines but it is a real issue for us here, hence the post. We have been using that website to read up, do you or anyone else know of and recommend any others? Good to hear about your Horizon machine as well. Thank you.

  • Sorry, don't know any other good review/comparison sites. I do understand your problem regarding trying out treadmills - hard if you can't get to an approprate retailer. All I can suggest is that you try to buy from a company that will take it back if it doesn't suit you - think I remember some offered that, for a cost of about 10% of the treadmill, however.

  • OK. Cheers Debra!

    Anyone out there experience of these two machines? or similar? image

  • I have just bought one after a lot of research and Debra is right what may look good on paper isn't always the best one.

    I was interested in a Nordic Track one and it seemed ok until I got on a Horizon one and then I realised that there was a lot of difference.

    I ended up paying a little more than planned but am very happy with the one I got.

    If you check the review for the Horizon ones they seem to be pretty good. It may be worth stretching the budget if possible it is a hard balance to strike and it took me 6 months to decideimage good luck.

  • Have had a reebok machine at home for 10 years.  Came with 10 year warranty on the motor.  I needed a new motor about 6 years in and reebok honoured the warranty with no issues.  I use it 3/4 x a week sometimes up to a max 2hrs at a time.  All ok.  I prefer the size of the running belt and have felt it was better than some gym machines.  I use my with a standard fan set up in front.  Any fan in the machine itaslef is rarely strong enough to have any effect.

  • I got a Lifefitness T3 - not cheap but decided if good enough for the gym I'm a memberof then......

    Got from John Lewis

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