Sub 20 minute 5k



  • Thank you. Feels good!
  • Running the Parkrun this Saturday. Going to smash my PB (fingers crossed).

  • 5 mile recovery run last night 8.39m/m

    Felt good to get out running again.

    Paractised running downhill instead of stumbling.

  • Today I ran 3 miles. Decided, before I ran, that the middle mile would be at near race pace.


    1mi 8:14
    2mi 6:24
    3mi 8:31

    Had a steak dinner 45 minutes before the run and the weather is awful plus I'm still feeling the 10k race on Sunday in my legs. My pacing of the middle mile was spot on.

  • Nice one Tony, you've inspired me to have a go at it as well - I've been hovering around the 25:30 mark for a year, then hit 24:08 6 months ago and then had 3 months off.  Now training for various HMs and the Berlin Marathon so having a go at a 5K race in a couple of weeks..  Had a nice interval session today that turned into a PB for 5K image 22:48 with an 8:50 first half mile and 2 walk breaks so maybe, just maybe, a sub 20 is on the cards sometime this year.

    Cheers image

  • Good luck Daeve! I bloody love the pain. Once I hit this goal I'm just going to make another goal and hit that to.
  • *too
  • 4 mile run this morning at a steady pace. No more runs until Saturday morning.


    Really in good shape for a sub 20 minute 5k. CONFIDENCE!

  • Ran in the Poole Parkrun 5k today and ran 19.31  image

    Bit windy today so not ideal conditions. However, I felt awesome going into the race and I had a race strategy. I wanted to start really fast so nobody held up my pace and then hang on and fight. I expected the run to really hurt so I knew to keep going when the pain kicked in.

    There are consistent 15 minute (marigold) and 16 minute runners at the run so a fast start is standard. The race is two loops and a finish around a circular playing field. The 2nd half of the race was really hard and it felt slower than the 1st half but the 2nd half required so much effort. The very last part of the race seemed to go on forever.

    When I finished I knew the time was quick because I finished 32nd which was 40 places better than my previous PB of 21.10. I asked a couple of guys close to me, at the finish, their time as I was anxious to see if I had done it.

    Great feeling and now I'm going to go for sub 19 minute 5k.

  • Brilliant, well done. Must admit I didn't think you would be that fast based on your recent 10k time, but I kept quiet so as to not put you off! image Looks like you had some guys around you to pull you along which helps. Sometimes the parkruns can get a bit too spread out and leave you on your own, although the Poole field is quite large.

  • Thank you! The Bay Run was into the wind and has a massive hill so the course was fairly slow. The runners around me helped loads. It's interesting that when your right at the top end of the field all the guys are in good shape. When running around 21/22 minutes the runners body types are remarkably different. Just something I noticed today.
  • Hope to come down to park run soon sounds fun
  • It is great. Really relaxed atmosphere, however, the race is taken seriously.
  • This challenge is completed. My long term goal is to run a sub 17 minute 5k. I'm going to start a new thread with the challenge.

  • I find all this inspiring. I've been running since February and have gone from felling good about a 28:00 5k to a PB of 23:36 last week (timed on a garmin 305). Is sub 20 time seems a long way off and I'm not quite sure how to approactithe training. Especially since I have various minor right leg issues. I'm 40 in a few weeks.

    I don't do any intervals. Once my leg's feeling better do you guys think they will be key in getting closer to a sub 20 minute time?

  • Dom Increase your mileage slowly to 30m + a week then introduce intervals.

  • What a good thread, good work Tony.  I remember the battle to get under 20 minutes.  Half of my issue was beleiving that I could do it.  The first time was 19:57 then the next week I came back with a bit of confidence and done 19:40.

    I have always run tiny mileages, 15-20 a week with no real long run but my improvement has come from doing three quality sessions a week with a middle distance group.

    If you can get onto the track and stay injury free you will shed time.  Also being in that environment will give you exposure to quality athletes and coaches that you will learn lots from.




  • Thanks Gunit. The journey to sub 17mins 5k is going to be a lot longer.image 

  • I managed to break a sub 20 min 5K by focusing on cadence.

    Search for 180BPM5KChallenge or have a look here:

    Good luck and keep running!

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