Sports Personality 2012



  • wiggins is steaming. legend.

  • Good old Bradleyimage  Must be the sideburns!!!!

  • Yay for Wiggo! Nice suit too image

  • Wiggins and Brailsford - spot on for me.

    Personally I don't see Team GB as a team who compete and win or lose together. I would have given it to Ryder Cup Team but always excpected BBC to go with the flow.

  • Also, Wiggins may have been born in Belgium and brought up in London but he now has a Lancashire passport and is one of us!!!

  • I have to admit Cath looked rather tasty last night !!!

  • Grainger?

  • Barkles wrote (see)


    I met Cath Grainger a couple of week back and she was great, But I meant Mrs Wiggins

  • Ah right..... image



  • thought we might see Rangers in the obituary section.


    and also best newcomers image


  • Barkles wrote (see)


    Someone should have told her that Movember has finished..

  • Cath Grainger

  • Oh, I thought she looked pretty good. image

  • Fair enough.

    Did anybody think that Jessica Ennis's bum  looked big in that dress ???

  • LOL. yes, a bit!

  • it did. very nice.

  • carterusm wrote (see)

    Fair enough.

    Did anybody think that Jessica Ennis's bum  looked big in that dress ???

    I thought it looked like it had a strip of gaffer tape down the back

  • that bird in the green dress at the end could have done with gaffer tape at the front!

  • How long will it be before Jeremy Clarkson feels obliged to put a star cyclist in a reasonably priced car?

  • Pleased Bradley Wiggins won - I think it was the right result. Bit harsh on Mo (and David Weir) not to get in the top 3 though, although both Andy Murray and Jess Ennis would have been just as hard done by if they had finished outside the "podium" so several were always going to be disappointed this year.

    Hard to believe that recent winners include Ryan Giggs, Michael Owen, Tony McCoy and Damon Hill (twice !). In many other years, any one of this year's 12 nominees would probably have won.

    I didn't agree with giving the team of the year award to the entire Olympic and Paralympic teams - bit of a cop-out and should really be for a single sport. Mind you, the BBC would probably have found it a bit embarassing to give it to Team Sky !

    Although Usain Bolt is probably the greatest (and most exciting) athlete I've ever seen, I think Lionel Messi should have got the oversead award this year. 90 goals (and counting) in 2012 alone at the very highest level is a phenomenal achievement.

  • the trouble the BBC have is that despite having this annual show they aren't in the least bit interested in sport. they sort of had to give the team award to one of the only things left on terrestrial telly.

    i liked wiggins thank you to Sky in his winner's speech though image

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