MTB racing

Just wondered if any other forumites here dabble in MTB racing.

I'm sat here feeling a tad battered & bruised after my first race (falling off 5 times didn't help), and definitely have a lot more respect for the sport than I did before.

Advice gratefully received from anyone that knows what they're doing... ;-)


  • Yep, the Mr. and I do an occasional one in the winter months. Tougher than it seems, isn't it?
  • Hi

    I have converted from MTB racing to running this year and really miss the down hills!!!! and being able to drink when you are going the hell do you drink without getting most of it down you? If you need any advice on Mouantain biking just ask.
  • i did some when younger... very hard work compared to casual riding.

    my sis' races elite :)
  • Yep, a different game from just pootling around in the woods, that's for sure. Fair play to anyone who races elite - I tried novice, although the fact that some of the others had £3000 bikes and shaved legs kinda suggested that they were anything but.

    My main problem seemed to be the downhills - there was one steep one with lots of loose gravel. I fell off on the practise lap, on lap one, and again on lap two. I walked down on lap three ;-) I just couldn't figure out how to control it when the front wheel was sliding about all over the shop...
  • Used to race MTB and rode the Nationals a few times. I packed it in when I realised I was spending longer cleaning the bike than racing ! Very muddy business in winter.

    Great fun though - bike handling will improve eventually. Try keeping the bike as upright as possible and in a straight line wherever you can, that way the front wheel won't skid away from you. But running is also good ! ;-)
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    borrowed my flatty's bike for a bit of mtbing today. theres a little track around the tooting stadium thats quite handy. dam fun and almost came off a couple of times :O>
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  • Where did you race Skinny Whippet? Mr Fraggle is keen on mtb, and rides around Bracknell forest at lunchtimes, and I think he'd enjoy a race. Are there any more coming up?
  • Yep, there's one in Crowthorne on 9th November Fraggle, see

    Don't think I'll be doing it though as it's too close to the Brighton 10K.
  • Daz? Tooting Stadium?!
  • (I'm guessing it's part of Tooting Centre for Sporting Excellence!)
  • Maybe its in already for the Olympics ?
  • *lol*
  • And they can hold the rowing in the Lido ?

    Might be a tad unconventional, what with them having to turn round a few times to get the distance, but that adds to the fun !
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    hehe tooting stadium is my affectionate name for it.
    i guess i say it for most tracks now, after the millenium stadium came to battersea park!! and what an enormous, fine example of modern architecture that is :o/
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  • erm... Quite!

    I know the bit ya mean though. Not baaaaaaaaad, but try Wimbledon common/Richmond. bit better. Still not quite life threatening though.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    no, because the bike weighs more than a car!
    and i dont like wimbledon, people keep exposing themselves around there
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  • I can only apologise for that.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    no wonder the wombles left
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  • and you think cycling shorts count as _not_ exposing yourself ?
  • blink
  • No. Riding naked in the woods is though!

    Hey... Anyone actually race MTB then?
  • have you not been reading the thread ?
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