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I registered to run a 8K on Mar 17, 2013. Now the scary part, I am 30lbs over weight and never exercised a bit! I'm a 48 year old female that has always wanted to run/job.  I started the couch to 5K program last week. Today was week 2, day 1 and I couldn't make the entire time... Will I ever be able to do this?  Has anyone so unfit done this?  What am I doing wrong?  My husband says I'm jogging to fast... but I have no clue if I'm doing anything right or not.  Help please!


  • Theda, first off congratulations on starting the C25K! Yes you will do 8k prior to March and yes, hubby is probably correct so take things slowly to start (I'm still slow but don't care). This is a big thing you have started so take your time in the early weeks and if you need to there is nothing wrong in going back a week and doing it again, only you really know how far you can push things.

    Good luck and keep us informed as to how your doing image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Well done for starting.

    Ask yourself: Why couldnt you do the entire time? were you out of breath? did it hurt? lack of willpower? Once you know that - it'll help.

    Does hubby jog with you to know that you're going too fast? He could be right - but it's better to ask an all round question image

    Good luck for the rest - and 8km in march is entirely achieveable! Just take it one run at a time image

  • Just keep at the run/walk option.  There's plenty of time to get to 8km, it's a really good target, achievable in the time but challenging.  I think you need to assess why you couldn't do the full time and remember that sometimes you do just have off days! 

  • Theda, I started running 3 months ago right from the couch. Keep these things in your mind :

    1. Do not listen to what others say. And do not feel jealous of those who run past by you while you are running. Just take it slow and enjoy.

    2. Seems you are thinking too much about yourself. Do not do that. Or think but in a positive way. Start reading books like "Born to Run" or "Feet in the clouds". Your thinking will change.

    3. It is OK to feel disappointed at first but confidence build up slowly . Keep your determination and take yourself upto 30mins continous running . That is the threshold which everybody has and same for me . The day you achieve that , confidence level boosts up like a rocket.

    4. Husband is right. Go slow, most of the days. Try to do a fast run after a few weeks but do not stress yourself. It took years for you to get unfit . You will not achieve your goal overnight now image.

    5. Eat healthy and do not starve yourself. Always remember this "EAT CLEAN and TRAIN DIRTY" .

    6. Do a bit of weight exercise as well. It helps a lot.

    7. Treat yourself whenver you achieve a new goal. I started with 1min running and 9 mins walking. The day I got to the point where I was doing 9mins running and 1min walking, I treated myself with a garmin watch. Then the day I did my first 5K without stopping , I took my wife for a romantic dinner.



  • Thanks to each of you for your wonderful reply. Super advice and I will take to heart each one.



  • Agreed with what everyone else has said and congratulations on getting into it, Theda.  Go about it the right way, and the pounds will fall off. image

    Definitely do some weight training as well.  More lean muscle means more calories burnt, as well as looking better and feeling stronger.  And as you're a woman, unless you go into some weird extreme bodybuilder's style training, you won't bulk up. image  As with all exercise programmes though, consult your doctor prior to hitting the weights. image

  • Well done. You will cetainly be doing 8k by March. I would suggest just repeating week 1 again (and maybe again after that) until the base stamina is in place. Once your comfort level lifts a little you will suddenly start to fly.

    That first run where you suddenly break through is one of the best feelings around.

  • Well done theda for getting off the couch and making a start!

    I would agree with some of the other posts about walk/run mix. Don't worry about not running the full difference, it can take a time to improve your running fitness. It will come eventually, you just need to persist!

    Good luck in you run in march, i'm sure you will achieve your goal.
  • Definitely don't feel jealous of other runners or put ourself down because they may be faster, you are out there running whilst there are millions still stuck on the couch!  Just remember that you are doing much better than the majority of people (that thought helps me!).

    The treating yourself idea is a good one, when I was losing weight I had a lovelinks bracelet and earnt a new bead every time I lost 0.5 stone or achieved something with my running.  Having lost 6.5 stone and having run a marathon now (and the main distances in between) I have built up a nice bracelet. 

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