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After 13-15miles of running road or trail my fore sole on my right foot starts to get numb and very sensitive. On road I can handle it as after another 2-3 miles I simply get used to it and can ignore the pain. But on trail it gets really painful as the smallest uneven surface or pebble (not to mention a sharp edged stone) causes very shap pain.   I have bought a thick insole, but does not seem to help. Does anyone has an idea what the science could be behind it? Any wise advice? Thanks in advance.


  • Hi checkmate.  Do you mean the pain is in the ball of your foot?  Under which toe?  Is a single point of pain or more defuse?  Once you've stopped running, how long before pain and/or sensitivity subside??  How long have you had these symptoms?   Has it gradually got worse/ come on more quickly??

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    Have you tried a different pair of shoes?  There could be something minor in the shoe design that only reaches noticeable effect after the cumulative effect of 13+ miles.  If you've had the shoes for a long time, this could be the first sign of the cushioning losing its springiness, and time for a new pair.

  • Thank you for you answers.

    stutyr - My road shoes are really old, so it could have lost cushioning, and I will buy a new pair soon. But the other one is new. It is a Solomon XA Pro 3D Ultra. I had a really painful race in this one back in may at the Three Forts Challange. Maybe I rather tend to land on my fore sole and this could cause the pain? I assume there are special shoes for this.

    Runners Therapist - Yes, it is the ball of the foot. The whole ball gets sensitive and I have to carefully watch every single step to avoid pebbles and sharp edges. So far it always appeared after 13miles. I have never stoped because of this. Usually it subsides 20minutes after it appears while still runing. 

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    Sounds like metatarsalgia. Not sure what the remedy is.  If you're a forefoot runner - change your style.  Stop wearing high heels?!?  You could try sorbothane inserts.

  • Does sound something like metatarsalgia...  Too much repetitive stress going through the balls of your feet squashing the nerves between your toes.  I only advise forefoot running if your sprinting.  Otherwise, a more relaxed mid-foot strike might be better.  I'd also agree about the trainers, different types/age of trainer will slightly alter the movement of the bones in your foot, not always in a good way!

  • Thanks for all the advice. New trainers, new style and just keep running if it does not get any worse.

  • Better than are sole pin image

    But seriously if it is a major concern see a physio or even a doctor!
  • Pain even.... Doh!
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