Sports Personality of the Year 2012

So the shortlist was announced last night, who do you think will win? Such a hard decision, everyone has done so well but for me it's a tie between Jess Ennis and Mo Farah.


  • Team GB should be the winners as a whole (except of course the footballers) -

    From the list Mo Farah, followed by Jess and Bradley Wiggins -

    Big surprise that there was no place for Alistair (?) Brownlee but then Greg Rutherfood was excluded too.

    Oh well can't please everyone.

    My abiding memory of the sports personality award was in (I think) 1980 when Daley Thomson dressed in anorak and jeans in contrast to the dickey bows the other blokes were wearing started his speech - I feel I right sh*t

  • I think you've hit the nail on the head there Grendel3 with your prediciton. You're right though, can't please everyone. There is an award for best team right? Team GB all the way!! Can't actually remember if I've ever watched the awards before, really looking forward to it!

  • Wiggo for me. Not only did he win Olympic gold, but Tour de France as well.

    So refreshing to celebrate sports other than football this year, I'll be watching with interest!

  • They all deserve it this year!  But British people do occasionally win a gold or two.... every 4 years.  British people win top golf tournaments quite often.

    So, for me, by a nose, it's either Murray or Wiggo - who both did something EXTRAORDINARY this year.   Both got Olympic Gold....  and both made history...    Wiggo as the first British winner of the TdF... after about 100 attempts.   Murray the first British man to win a Grand Slam in 76 years....  a gap of presumably about 280 tournaments.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    wiggins - farah - murray , in that order

  • Agree with Dustin  -although 2&3 could swap..

  • I used to like SPOTY but now can't be bothered with it. The BBC doen't do live sport any more excepting this year and the olympics but its normally just 1 tennis tournment 1 golf tournement a bit of Rugby/Rugby Leage and some snooker.

    oh and 1 Marathon and 1 Haf Marthon.

    Every thing else is shown on other channels. SKY and Eurosport should host awards as they show the most live sport these days.

    Anyhoo my top three would be 1st Wiggins,2nd Mo and3rd Murryimage

  • Wiggo should win this hands down one of the greatest sporting achievements this country has ever had and couple that with a gold medal just over 10 days later  I cant see anyone more worthy.

    But saying that its down to the people who vote so we shall see.

  • Wigo hands down for me with Murray second, third place can't decide between Jess Weir and Mo.

    Given the strength this year I'm thinking it's quite an achievement to be on the shortlist. I can't argue with the shortlist but there a few people who could have easily have been on it who arn't Peacock, Smith, Brownlee etc....

  • At least there isn't a darts player a horse jockey or car driver on here (although Eric Bristow could win Celebrity.

  • It's you, the viewer at home, that counts. I wonder what the masses feel? Wiggo, Jess Ennis, Mo or Murray would all work for me

  • Wiggo will skoosh it. Then Mo, Murray, Ennis.

  • Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farah then Jessica Ennis

    Team GB should get the team award and David Rushida the overseas award.

  • the Gb horse riding team will get the team award....................otherwise the GB team is too big.especially if you consider that the GB paralympic team did amazingly well...........which one did best...........

  • birkmyre wrote (see)

    Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farah then Jessica Ennis

    Team GB should get the team award and David Rushida the overseas award.

    I agree with birkmyre, but think Usain Bolt will get overseas award.

  • Wiggo for me.  nice sideburns.

    Sort of surprised not to see Victoria Pendleton (isn't she the only British woman to get gold at two successive olympics?) or Laura Trott on the list though.

  • As long as Mo is in the top 3 I don't mind. Wigo probably deserves it overall though.

    I feel the shorlist has gone too PC this year after last years debacle. Which (in my opinion) is why some missed out.

    Will be a smidge dissapointed if Murray is in the top 3. Well done to him but there are just sooo many more deserving folks in the list this time. They should do a top 4 just to reflect the brilliant year.



  • Wiggins all the way for me. Farah second. Ennis third.
  • Steve Rand 7 wrote (see)

    I feel the shorlist has gone too PC this year after last years debacle. Which (in my opinion) is why some missed out.


    to be fair to the SPOTY selectors though, they've had an abundance of riches to select from this year compared to 2011 where frankly, the choices were limited (females or no females).   I don't think the choice is too PC - it seems pretty balanced overall irrespective of the relative merits of some of those who didn't get selected (Brownlee, Trott etc).

    whoever wins - and it will be close - it will be deserved, and any of the top 5 will have deserved to win - just so much competition this year.

  • If Mo doesn't win the vote on this forum, he's not got much chance overall! Murray splits the housewives vote as he's not nice enough- I think it has to be Wiggo.

    Isn't there a coach of the year too? Dave Brailsford should walk (/ride) that one.

  • How do you compare the achievement of a Paralympian with that of other athletes? Impossible? An Olympian has to beat the entire planet while the other has to beat only people with the same disability. Is it time to split the category?
  • Isn't it sports PERSONALITY, rather than sports ACHIEVER?

    Where does personality come into the selection?

    But how can you say that one person who has won loads is more deserving than another person who has won loads?

    They should all take part in a sport that none of them currently do, and see who wins image

  • imageimage What like dancing we could see who does best and set it to a public vote? image

    I'm with FB the shortlist seems very balanced there are names that I think all of us would like on there but who would you take off to do it? The field this year compared to the last few years is massively different.

    As for Pendleton afraid one of the team ladies events has probably taken her off the list. It's not that they where disqualified more the interview after in which she said it was all down to a error on the other rider. A cheekiness that hasn't really been seen since the Iraqi information ministry gave press conferences in the last gulf war. It's a shame but it's a very strong list.

  • and now we have the list for the welsh sports personality of the year.................I didn't  realise that Leanda cave was welsh 

  • Seren she's a tri type surely someone else will beat her. image

    I thought there where welsh and scot personality of the year awards? Might have dream't it. image

  • I think Sports Personality is definitely Sports Achiever of the Year. Otherwise Beckham or Giggs would win EVERY year!!
  • Usain Bolt for overseas "Personality" without doubt. Good question re Team GB or Para Team GB or Cyclists/rowers/horsey type teamimage

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