Mont Blanc - Altitude Training

So I have signed up for the Mont Blanc marathon in June, very excited but now also a little terrifed that I may have bitten off more than I can chew!

I have factored a great deal of hill training into my plan but ascending 2,500m I am not sure if I need to invest in an altitude training mask... any advice or recommendations welcome.


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Ask the 'Marathon Tourist Board'.

  • You could train in a chamber if you had the money -


    Failing that though - I think just plenty of big hills. I dont think the mask works - it doesnt alter the % of oxygen in the air does it ?

  • I've never heard of this mask before.  Looks like it's just another "make it harder for the sake of it" device, like wearing ankle weights or a rucksack, or covering your belly in cling-film.  Just hitting the hills will strengthen your climbing muscles and improve your aerobic capacity.

    Also, the air is a little thinner at 2,500m but you won't get altitude sickness or anything.

  • Ive seen people wearing them in the gym. For weight training.

    I do love the gym.
  • It wont affect you that much until you go up above about 3000 metres. That said it will take a little getting used to.

    have walked/jogged a lot of those paths and they are hard work but acheivable although i have only run down, not up!

    You could always go out there a week or so before and 'acclimatise' a bit. failing that, try the three peaks for training practice! image

  • Thanks for the tips people, looks like maybe I would be spending for the sake of it if I got one of these masks.

    Going early to Chamonix and a trip to the 3 peaks sound a bit too much fun for training but who am I to argue!

  • I'd recommend staying in Argentiere as you are that bit higher (1244m at the train station!) and there are lots of routes virtually straight out the front door you can practice on image. Easy short train journey back into Chamonix too.

    I may see you there as i am considering entering the 10k (not quite up for a mountain marathon yet!)

  • I''ve cycled at that altitude and didn't notice any difference to be honest - not to say it doesn't have an affect but it wont be dramatic.  

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