What One Thing are you grateful your parents taught you?

I was sewing a fancy dress costume last week for my daughter to wear to school.  This was followed a few days later with re-hemming a pair of trousers for my son (bloody M&S trousers shouldn't need re-hemming!).

Anyway, I consciously thought to myself that I was glad my mother taught me how to sew.  Ok it was along the lines of cross-stitch (which I do not do at all now) but it has come in very, very useful.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not of the standard to make clothes but can certainly make minor adjustments, sew buttons on etc.

So, what are you grateful to your parents for ensuring you are able to do......?



  • cook, my mum showed me how to cook from like 10, always helped with the sunday roast etc too. I'd be lost without that, i cant stand ready meals.

  • Tough-typing. A useful skill in this day and age.

  • To tidy up after myself, and generally take responsibility for my own life.

  • Marc.S - I agree with you there.  My mum did the same and I am eternally grateful for it.  I find baking is now a kind of therapy for me (along with running).  It's carrying on through each generation as I regularly cook with my children (in fact, my mum just called me to say she'd picked up some cooking aprons for the kids stoockings!!)

  • Run Wales wrote (see)

    Tough-typing. A useful skill in this day and age.

    Is that like touch-typing, but harder?  image

    Cooking - although I also got taught that at school.  

    My Dad taught me how to bait a fish-hook, and how to take a fish off it.  Never had to use that since!

  • All of the above as well as manners and respect for others but I am also grateful to my step dad who taught me how to change a wheel. Although I usually leave that for my OH to do now.  Well, it would be rude not to... image

  • One thing?  Everything.

  • To be an individual.

    But, as an atheist, the thing I'm most grateful to them for is never to force their Catholicism on me.

  • How to break in to houses, regardless of the security arrangements. Very very rewarding.

  • How to be self reliant.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Intermanaut wrote (see)

    One thing?  Everything.

    Agree with this. My mum also taught me how to cook and sew but I don't have the patience for the sewing bit... I really wish I could! My mum's also a perfect knitter. She's so quick and uses it for therapy but I just don't "get" it.

  • Never help anyone and always look after number one.

  • English.

  • That drinking too much alcohol can kill you

  • Manners, am teaching them now to little C and it's very rewarding.

    And that smoking will kill you!

  • The love of books and reading. 

  • gingerfurball - I couldn't agree more.  This too is being passed to my children.

  • Reading and more reading from my Mother, work hard and respect people from my Dad

  • Acceleration, it's saved me from a few beatingsimage

  • Cinders wrote (see)
     am teaching them now to little C and it's very rewarding.


  • The words to all the Rolling Stones songs - could join them 'word for word' at their latest concerts.  If I could afford the tickets!!  image

  • gingerfurball wrote (see)

    The love of books and reading. 

    Do you teach someone the love of anything?  Surely you either love someone/thing, or you don't?

    I've always loved reading, but that didn't come from my parents - neither of them were much interested in books.

  • I guess I appreciate the fact that my mother was an avid reader, she passed her books on to me and suggested things to read.  I may have done this all by myself but she did influence me.

  • That if I want something I should work hard for it, and it can be achieved, it won't just land in my lap.

  • AG, teaching little C manners, well trying to!

  • My mum was always telling me not to follow the crowd and to do my own thing.  It has made me very independent and confident to give anything a go regardless of what anyone else thinks.  I didn't appreciate the lesson until probably 8 years ago.  Now it is a guiding part of my life

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good manners
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    One thing!

    Anything would have been a miracle.

  • never trust a hippy

  • To wipe my bum with toilet paper.

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