Belvoir Challenge

This 25.4 mile trail race is pretty close to where I live, and looks like it could keep me out of mischief for the morning. 

Is there anybody here who has done it in the past and would like to comment on it?


  • Done it three times. Lovely course, nice atmosphere and great food!
  • Fantastic race, you will not be disappointed!! The cakes at every drinks station are amazing

  • OK, why not then!

  • Ive searched.briefly on the forums and the word 'muddy' seems to come up often, about.this race which is great news as im.a big kid really muddy! I may danger of asking an unneccessary question, going to be.doing the course for.the.first time (15 mile version) and want to know would be.worth investing in some trail shoes for this event as I only have.road.running trainers at the.moment. If so, are there.such.things as neutral trail shoes or are they not designed as specifically as road.running shoes? Hope someone can provide some wise words! Thanks for reading.this post, I apologise for all the full stops...
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