1st half marathon recovery worries.

afternoon all.

i did my first 1/2 marathon in prep for next year's VLM the weekend before last and i'm still suffering.

i'm 36, generally fairly fit and started running in June. i've been nice and sensible with my mileage increases and apart from a slight achillies tweek in july have been trouble free. however, i have always found that my calfs feel quite tight for the first couple of km on most runs. this seems to happen regardless of how much warm up i do. but it always fades so i haven't really worried about it.

judging by my build up runs i was planning on a 1:50-55 in the race but ended up managing to pull a 1:45 out of the bag from somewhere. obviously i was a bit stiff for the next couple of days and i've only eased myself back into training.

the problem is that i don't seem to have any stamina at all. today i managed 8km at 5:30 pace where before the 1/2 i was happily knocking out 10km runs at 4:45 pace. my calfs feel like i've run about twice as far at a much higher pace.

i'm pretty new to all this so don't really know what to expect. is it normal that i should still be feeling the effects or was my effort in the race a bit too much?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    From memory the old adage is a day's recovery for every mile raced, so don't worry about it. I'd take it as visible evidence that you gave your all in the race image

    Its worth perservering with some short, slow runs in the couple of weeks after the race just to help loosening up your calves and keep your legs ticking over. But if it hurts too much don't worry, as you won't lose much fitness if you don't get out.

  • no, thats cool. it's fine if that's as long as it takes to recover. i was just a bit worried i might have hurt myself. but my calfs don't feel like they're injured, it's more like i feel tired almost as soon as i start.

    but if thats normal, then fine.

    certainly didn't have any more to give after the race. i was absolutely spent. super proud of myself though.

  • you are starting your training early, dont most people wait until january to start training for April?

  • well yes, but if you're going to do something, you might as well do it properly.

    i'd rather put in the extra time, enjoy the training and stand a chance of putting in a really nice time, than leave it till january, endure a crazy training regime and end up stumbling over the line feeling like i want to die.


  • ah well twas merely an observation image

    if its not your first marathon then i think December is good to build mileage

  • this is my first. and i really want to do a good job.

  • well very best of luck to you. (i know that sounds sarcastic but was not meant to be! image)

    if your calves dont ease up a bit you could try foam roller massage.

  • no worries. thanks for the support.

  • Foam roller!! a definite buy mate.

    I have one now, cost about £10 from that well known auction site.

    But i use it after my runs, and on rest days. Definitely helps!

    unless you have a fit, swedish massage therapist you can use?! image

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