A cheaper but worthy substitute for Nike Vomero needed please


As the title suggests, I'm looking for anyone who can advise of a woman's trainer that would be a worthy but cheaper replacement for the Nike Vomero model. Can anyone help please?



  • You'll have to go try the trainers on, or at least the person who will be wearing them, to check for fit and comfort. There are plenty of alternatives but there are just as many variebles that make one trainer better than another.

    I've just had a look at the Nike website and at first glance I can't find anything under £100 for a neutral runner.

    Really any trainer would be just as good if the fit is right. Expensive doesn't always mean better. I have a budget of £60 and I thought that that was a lot. I can't imagine spending more on a trainer. I do check out the sales and last years models though. If you don't buy the latest then you can always pick up a bargin.

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