I'm looking to follow a VLM marathon training plan and haven't decided which one yet. I like Shades' plan, but also like the ASICS email updates and run logging capability.

The FIRST program also makes sense, but before I decide are there any others I can stick in the pot? I've seen posts saying that the ASICS automated plans are not accurate  or should I favour HeartRate over Pace.

My plan is a 4 hr (ish) VLM, with 4 runs a week and a couple of other X-training activities (general gym activities) and like emails to remind / prompt me and an online progress tracking program.

Is there an online program where I can add my own plan based on Shades or similar?

Anyone suggest a suitable approach or throw more programs/methods into the mix?

Thanks, Tim


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Have you had a look at the Garmin ready plans on this (i.e. runners world) web site?

    I've used these for half marathons and they download onto your Garmin, so all the speeds & duration are stored in the watch ready for use.

  • Thanks, I've looked at these also, and it's great to get these onto the Garmin, but I can then adjust these in line with another program if that's a better route (perhaps Shades' plan).

    Just looking for feedback on what's worked / or not worked for others before I decide and commit to a plan.

    Thanks for the info..


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'm a Shades fan. It's always worked out well for me.

  • I've looked at Hal, P&D and RW but am sticking with Shades as I like the 4 runs per week with the flexibility of the 5th run. It includes a MWLR partly at marathon pace, a tempo run and a long run. Seems sensible to me and my first goal is to stay injury free which I think is more of a risk if I try and push it touch for my first one.
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