New training program for army

Just passed selection for the paras and need to step my training up as im joining in feb, just need a little advice

Monday: Fast run 7-8 miles (7-7:30 min mile pace)

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Fast run 7-8 miles (7-7:30 min mile pace)

Thursday: Slow run 10+ miles (9min mile pace or slower)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Fast trail run with hills 10+ miles (7:30 - 8:30 min mile pace)

Sunday: Long slow run 10+ miles (9min mile pace)


Normally just run purely trail because its harder but its too dark this time of year so had to change to the roads during the week, also might change saturday for hil sprints every other week or so.

any help would be appreciated thanks


  • Err, advice re-what? Cherries and cabbages basically need to be able to do 10mm with 35lb load. Get yer pack on and start building the stamina. Also recommend getting on the stepper in the gym with your pack on to build up for the Fan Dance

  • That sounds good advice, Straycelt, and from what I've been told the heavier the footwear to train in the better. Suspect paras don't yet do barefoot or minimalist trainers!

    Good luck, Ross!
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  • got told not to run with weight by the pti's because ill probaley smash myself to bits and get stress fractures before i even start training

  • No one suggested weights. Backpack full of kit. Bergen, rucksack etc etc.
    AH/ Good thing about cabbages and cherries is they have to run in the barefoot style on the toes as you keel over or break your legs with a heel strike and that weight.
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  • Congratulations on your selection and best of luck with the training!  Perhaps some weights and core strength training would be a good addition to your training.

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