Runners or club in Newent, Gloucestershire

Hi all,

I'm about to start working away from home in Newent, Gloucestershire in the New Year 4 days a week. As I don't know the area but keen to keep running are their any clubs nearby or runners who get out regurlarly?




  • Hi there!  I am not in Newent, but in Gloucester which is about 20 minutes away.  I am not aware of any running groups in Newent, which is only a very small town (though possibly there may be a group...there is certainly a small leisure centre at the senior school there).  
    There is a large Athletic Club based in the Forest of Dean which is about half an hour's drive,and a good selection of running groups based in Gloucester,including two Athletic clubs, various Run England Groups, groups attached to Yms, etc.  I am happy to give more info about these if you are interested. Newent is also close to  Ross on Wye and a quick Google Search showed this, which may be of interest :

    I'm more than happy to give any more info I can about Gloucester groups, etc.
    Will you actually be living in Newent itself?
    The Forest of Dean has lovely trails for off road running, though sadly is a bit far for me to run regularly.

  • Isn't there a Tri club in Newent?  Ask at the Leisure centre at the school...

  • Have a look at this.....

    I think there's stuff going on there..

  • I know this is an old thread but for anyone searching for running clubs in Newent, there now is one:
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