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I am after some advice. I am thinking of doing a  Try a tri event. I currently run, but have only just started swimming and cycling. I  am a little concerned with what to wear on teh day as I am a fairly large chested lady. When running I always wear a running bra. I am not worrying about getting a good time, but need some help on the actual logistics of the transitions.


  • Helen this might help link just becareful reading other parts of the website it might give you some good idea's. image

  • Thanks, so I just swim in my normal running bra under a swim suit  , and then put a tshirt over the whole lot to cycle.Is that right 

  • basically yes

    once you get hooked by tri, invest in a decent tri suit (one or 2 piece - your call) as you can swim, bike and run in that - no need for taking things off or putting more on

  • Hi Helen
    I did my first (small) tri this summer and loved it.  I was going to wear my bra under my swim suit then add a top after the swim as said above.  However, I was sure I was going to look silly so I bought a cheap two piece tri suit in the end.  I only did that because I was sure nobody else would just wear their bra/swimsuit* - I was VERY wrong and it would have been fine to do that.  However, you might get a bargain at the moment in end of season sales online (I haven't checked, but I assume there is less call for tri suits at this time of year but who knows!!).  I am spectacularly NOT well endowed so am only guessing here, but if you have a large chest I guess (?) a tri suit MAY feel less conspicious than sports bra and swimsuit?  What I should have done was look at the photos from last year and seen what people were wearing to reassure myself.

    And don't worry about the transitions, suffice to say I had worried about them as well, and they were fine.  Forget about them for now and ask on here nearer the time with any worries you still have.

    Good luck.

    *Oh, ok, and because I hate my thighs image.

  • I have to wear 2 sports bras running, so I wear a cropped tri top over sports bra then tri suit. Tshirt over the lot for bike and run - I am super self conscious! 

  • I have to wear a sports bra under my trisuit, don't worry about it. Better to wear support than to have a falling out when least wanted. 

  • Don't do it you will just look silly and probably fall over. It will get caught on camera and everyone will laugh at you on utube.

    Meanwhile we are all elite athletes, train all the time, are very buff, do a lot of work for charity and speak nine languages. Although thats not entirely true and some of the men should probably wear sports bras.

    It is not always the most glamorous sports but it is a lot of fun.

    Good Luck


  • Come on, me..face

    Have you been down the pub... I have image

    If you fancy a triathlon, just enter it, panic, ask for help, do it then wondr what tje fuss wa about.
  • sadly no - head in spreadsheet - and just fancied some light entertainment.

  • image I can speak more than one langauge but I wouldn't call myself buff. Plum however? image

  • I got myself a cheap two piece tri suit from start fitness, about £15 for each bit, and wore a bra underneath. Then you don't need to faff about putting anything else on after the swim, apart from socks and shoes. Cycling in a swim costume might be uncomfortable, depends on the costume I guess.

    If you get chance before you do your tri, go along to another tri and watch people - could give you a good idea of what it is like


  • OC said "Come on, me..face". Did anyone else have to read that twice, or is it just me with a vulgar mind? Thank heaven for commas image
  • Nope - don't see what you are getting at. image

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