a little advice please

Hi people,

Just wanting some advice really, im not the fittest of people but after a few months gym time i have managed to finally get on the treadmill and run for longer than a couple of minutes.

I really want to start running out side but at the moment i can only seem to run about 13 minutes on the treadmill at speed 10.5 before having to stop as my stamina isnt very good, i can then walk and start running again in a few minutes.

I have been reading forums and a lot of people say to just get out on the road and take it at a reasonable pace and you will find you last a lot longer than you would on a treadmill, is this true?

I was thinking of trying to get to 30minutes solid before trying road running but this is making me think about just going for it??

any advice or tips would be appreciated




  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Best way to start is to run/walk.  I started running four years ago run/walking a 2.5 mile route from my house, and two years ago ran my first marathon.

    Have a look for the Couch to 5K Plans (C25K) on the web, as these combine running and walking and gradually shift the ratio to more rnning than walking. 

  • I find it easier to run outside, you could follow something like the couch to 5k training plan - I think there are podcasts you can download if you want to do that, to build up walk/run to get you to a point where you can run for 30 minutes solid.

    Also, slowing down and running at a pace where you could chat to someone will help you to run for longer.

  • Slow down! Run outside at an effort that still allows you to talk.

  • thanks people!! i shall take it to the great outdoors!

  • Hi jack

    Stutyr has got some great advice, would recommend that you just get outside and employ a run/walk strategy. Before you know it you will have built up a good level of running fitness.

    Best of luck!
  • just popping in to se if you have ramoutside yet.it is so much easier but just don't try and do too much too soon.


     good luck

  • Get outside and run/walk and keep it at a pace where you can hold a brief conversation (without blacking out image.) If you need to walk a bit or slow down, do just that.

    Personally I find treadmills absolute murder. I can't keep my proper form and cadence on there and if run at my 10 mile or 1/2 marathon pace (9.30/45 per mile) I can only last about 30-40 mins, whereas outdoors with subtle variations in pace, cadence (leg speed) and incline I can run at this pace for 2 hours plus.

    Just over 2 years ago I was lugging around over 21st (I'm 5'9) and healthwise was an absolute disaster zone.

     I'm now just over 14st, have joined my local club, done 30 races so far this year on and off road with my longest so far being 25k and have just set four PB's in 15 days (10k/10mile/half marathon/club handicap (3.5 miles)).

    I'm 48 and have been away from any form of regular excercise for the best part of 10 years. I'm no racing snake and no real athlete but I get an absolute blast from doing it and as the old saying goes if I can, ANYONE can

    Get out there and enjoy yourself image

    (and don't use a freakin' treadmill image)


  • Have you gone outside?
  • i did my first outside run on sunday without pulling up lame (new to running, using vff's and was getting calf trouble) and i can honestly say it was easier and more comfortable running on concrete than running on a mill. it's a bit of a mental hurdle to initially get over, but once you do, you wonder what the fuss was about. as others have said, run at a pace that you are comfortable with and that you can maintain.

    for me, having now made that transition, there is no going back. i'll still use the mill in the gym for cardio training, but will look to do the 'proper' runs on the road.

  • Yay! (I hate the treadmill - personally I think it makes you slower)

    Onwards and upwards. Good luck!
  • Nice work Dave, many would say you're over the first big hurdle, well done image


  • @lytham_lt - thanks!

    part of my problem was that when i first tried running outside (october this year), i 'did something' to my calf muscle within the first ½ mile, so built up a mental block over 'will it happen again, and how far am i going to have to limp back?'. i've been getting lots of coaching advice from one of the experienced instructors in the gym (he's done numerous ultra marathons etc) and figured it was time to grow a pair and put it into practice outside.

    the advantage now is that i can take the running gear into work and go for runs at luncthime etc rather than relying on the rolling road in the gym.

    so, my advice to jack is: don't put a mental barrier in place and just do it fella! it doesn't matter if you can only run for a few minutes as *any* time outside is better than nothing and your endurance will no doubt build up. what i would say is to make sure you are properly warmed up prior to running and to make sure you do an effective post run stretch / cool down afterwards. as said earlier, i personally found outside (ok, it's only been a single 3 mile run so far image) to be much more comfortable and satisfying than running on the mill.

  • I agree with stutyr. This is what my wife did in the build up to running her only half-marathon. She started with one of the couch to 5k plans first so she had a good base to build on.

  • Go for it - I'm sure you'll love it.

    Pick one of those crisp winter days with blue skies, wear a few layers but don't over do it, and head somewhere green. It will really make you feel alive and free.

    I'm a slow runner, and can barely do 10 mins at 10km pace on a treadmill, but outside at my pace I can go for a couple of hours. Just take your time and enjoy the experience rather than being concerned with your speed.

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