What do you wear in the colder months? Shorts and Ron Hill leggings do me for below, but what about on top?


  • I just wear t shirt and trackie bottoms as i get too hot. I have gone out with sweat top on as well but 3 minutes into the run I'm taking it off and putting it around my waist.
  • Can I possibly comment here because I know a little about this subject. Your options include base layers, t-shirts and then jackets.

    A base layer is a thin next to the skin layer for warmth and exceptional moisture-wicking. They are very light and soft and feel great next to the skin.

    A t-shirt should be a technical moisture wicking material similar to what you wear in the summer. Choose long or short sleeve based on preference and perhaps based on the sleevs of a base layer.

    The jacket is about protection from the wind and the rain. They are also lightweight and should be really breathable to keep you comfortable and not get too sweaty underneath.

    You then mix and match the layers dependent upon temperature and conditions. e.g quite mild but rain you might choose top and jacket. Quite chilly air temp but sunny maybe base layer and top.

    Hope that helps. Look for ideas and great products on our site: or just post back if you need more guidance.

  • Mark,

    That's brilliant. What you described is exactly what i wear but i asked because i see shops selling thicker layers and wondered if i was missing a trick here. So my base layer is a HH (stripey long sleeves), tech top, long or short depending on temperature, wind jacket, then hat and gloves. Goretex rain our layer if raining.

    Apreciate your replies.

  • Hi plook,

    Baselayer is the key, i wear a long sleeved compression top with a t-shirt over the top which is dri-fit i.e. wicks moisture away from your body. Avoid cotton t shirts as they will retain moisture.

    Gore running do some great running kit, especially base layers(merino wool) also have some great waterpoof jackets.
  • Anyone wear a Gore beanie? Any good? I have lost my wooly hat and need a replacement.


  • Gore hat and gloves, maybe i should treat myself.

  • I have a Gore beanie - nice piece of running kit to keep the bonce warm on very cold days. on slightly warmer winter days I use a buff.



  • I wear 3/4 or full length leggings, a long sleeved wicking top and a very lightweight windproof gilet.  If it's really cold, I wear gloves too.  Always wear a cap, even when it's hot - partly habit and partly because if it's raining the peak keeps the rain off my face.  Also, if you're going up a hill, the peak stops you seeing too far ahead (if you tilt head down a bit) and therefore stops me losing heart at how much further I have to go......... always a reason!! image

  • Usually shorts. Very occasionally tights.

    Long-sleeved wicking top (sometimes this will be a very slightly thicker "thermal" version). Windproof gilet - pertex type stuff.

    Always gloves, sometimes a headband to keep my ears warm. Thankfully I run about 6 am so it's dark and there's no-one about to see quite how bad I look!

  • depends how fast you are running! I had a HH warm base top and a thin jacket on last night and was just right, that was for a run with lots of stops though!!! I feel the cold I'll be in thermal tights, thermal top, jacket hat and gloves while others are still in t-shirt and shorts lol

  • I feel the cold too, half my blood is Italian and i can spend three hours deciding what to wear before a run or worse - a bike ride. i hate being cold but i hate carrying more than i need. Complex.

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