Can any one help? I can mange to run for up to two hours at a fairly slow pace but once I try to up the speed or if I start off at a faster than normal pace I just can not get my breath, I seem to be putting all my effort into just trying to stop myself from constantly gasping for breath to the annoyance of my partner.


  • Don't know if it'll work, Denise - but I'm in exactly the same boat - and have been for a year. I'm going to splash out and try this...
  • You did not mention if you had been to the docs for a check up.Could be asthmatic, lots of runners don't realise it.
  • To Shattered Shins and old timer

    Thank you, will look into them both
  • Powerlung - seems ideal but its a)expensive and b)has anyone tried it?

    I too am struggling to step up my pace. I ran 1hr 50 in my last 10mile run and I have successfully found a comfortable running pace and breathing rhythm at this pace/distance.

    However I struggle to pick up my pace and although I am stronger and fitter than I was, I cannot get faster!

    There must be a natural way!
  • Try some fartlek or speedwork training. Last friday I did (for the first time ever) 7 miles alternating 1 mile slow jog (7mph) with 1 mile run (8.5-9mph), just to see what would happen. My splits worked out about the same right through the run (same for each slow bit, and same for each fast bit) but my overall time was as good as I usually manage for a 10k (6.2miles).

    I've been stuck in a bit of a rut lately - I can run long distances easily at a 'comfortable' pace, but found I had trouble if I tried to increase my pace (i.e. increase it over the whole distance). I'm going to try some of the speedwork tips I've found on the site and see how I go.
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