Thursday 29th November 2012


Lyrics: Got bottle, I'm going to use it
Intention, I feel inventive

DIY: has to be done. Unfortunately haven't worked for the last six weeks, so no pay...hence the lyrics (title is in the first line, so you get lines 2 and 3!).
LMH: felt quite confident on the stepladder!

What: seeing physio, so nothing until I get her advice
Why: Achilles rehab

Blisters:  would love to do a session that's too easy. Or, indeed, any session.



  • Morning

    Paddy: good to see you, its not just swimming you never have a bike with you when travelling either.

    Tom: On the commitee, it took me years to get off the damn thing

    NZC: Yesterday was a fairly idylic bike ride, enjoy the Garmin. I run way faster in races.

    AH: DIY............. argh thats time which could be spent sleeping!

    OH: Hope your recruit is happy

    last Nights 6 x 800 of 1 minute recoveries went 3.03 / 2.58/ 2.59 / 2.57 / 2.57/ 2.58 followed up by 4 x200 off 30 secs 42,42,41,38, nice and steady but annoyed by that first 800.

    What: 2K swim set
    why: easy day as racing tomorrow.
    Last Hard: last night
    Last Rest: Thursday






  • Morning all,

    What       Doing nothing today.

    Why      Work dominating at the moment.

    Lyrics -   No again (must be  on the trot now).

    No time  for chat.  Have a great day everyone.


  • Morning from a very cold and frosty West of Scotland.

    Yesterdays lyrics: 'Addicted to love' by Robery Palmer. Great videoimage

    Coffee calling

    Back later.

  • Morning.

    Nice to have you back Paddy- hope you'll stick around and soon be fixed.

    OH - good news. Hope they can start soon and take some of the pressure off.

    RW - shame when that happens but guess it's inevitable at times. I'm certainly feeling an adverse impact from the extra hours I'm working at the moment.

    Alehouse - I thought you were retired image

    What:                     swim set
    Why:                      I need to at last not lose any more
    Last hard:              17/11
    Last rest:                23/11

    Lyrics - no.

  • Morning all,

    Leg feels better than yesterday, but still not gonna decide till later whether to run tonight, would rather miss a couple of days than a couple of weeks.

    Got a ceiling to rip down and re-board today, so will count that as cross training image

    No idea on the lyrics again.

    Hope everyone has a good day.
  • morning all,
    nice session DD, first one a loosener??
    wabo - nice result, isn't Bale happy just to score at one end?
    what - 6 steady lunchtime
    why - xc on saturday
    last rest - yesterday
    last hard - tuesday
    lyric - not sure...

  • What: run with JS group
    Why:it's Thursday
    Last rest: technically yesterday but I was knackered long before bedtime
    Lyrics: no

    New recruit not free to start for 3 months and another will have left in that time so no respite just yet.

  • What - nothing as attending Posh 'Do' tonight. image

    Last night though, 4.5 miles with some fartlek intervals.

    next run, parkrun on Saturday, then 7 miles with hills on Monday

    Lyrics - yes, one of my fav groups!


  • afternoon all

    Nzc I have often wondered when new runners come along and say they run such and such how thye know!  My garmin has helped me judge distances quite well, Love it I do!

    Alehouse I did enjoy spurs!

    Chickadee hope you are not on the bench too long

    sweep take care of the knee

    Nzc I have often wondered when new runners come along and say they run such and such how thye know!  My garmin has helped me judge distances quite well, Love it I do!

    Alehouse I did enjoy spurs!

    Chickadee hope you are not on the bench too long

    sweep take care of the knee

    I sort of may know these lyrics, not sure..

    dustin lol, poor bale it hit him straight in the moosh!

    birkmyre well yes you would like that video!

    mm ooh enjoy the do!

    paddy nice to see you back

    what: short run later

    why: going out for a pie so not much time

    last hard: yesterday am

    last easy monday

    have  agood day all


  • Afternoon

    Wabo enjoy the pie

    Paddy Hello

    I thought i didn't know lyrics in the small wee hours this morning but googled and yes  love this singer Class

    Short cycle route this morning

    5km tomorrow will be interesting But no work till Sunday

    Mybe a run later  a little run

  • Lyrics - yes, great band

    20 minutes slow jogging this morning - again no pain just a bit of an ache, though I wouldn't want to step it up for a few days yet.

    Enjoy your day everyone.
  • Physio report: was pleased with progress. One of the main limiting factors is scar tissue, which she worked on. Further exercises prescribed, and back a week tomorrow.

    Enjoy LFoM, Pammie.

    Pie sounds exciting, Wabo!  Not too much now!

    Re lyrics: saw this band in the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool, with probably no more than 200 people there. This was 1979, and they played today's number: it wasn't released until 1980, though. It was quite catchy and the guy I went with later asked for it in some record shop or other but was told it didn't exist! The week or so before we had seen Adam and the Ants, who at the time were a punk band: we left as there was quite a bit of trouble.

  • this pie I am going to have is the best, its a steak pie and just yum.

    Ok alehouse, I wont eat all the potatoes but must have all my pie!

  • ooh I did know t he lyrics!

  • Wabo: sadly I can't afford a posh pie, hence the lyrics (well, not quite true...get my pension tomorrow!).
    LMH:  whilst I have retired, I was working 3 or so days most weeks up until my Achilles op. Meant to ask phys if I am up to doing a couple of days a week up to Christmas: would take my mind off things and relieve the boredom!

  • Wabo - in my previous running life, I knew exactly how fast I was running. Now it is much more difficult. Of course we all like to think we are running better than we are.

    I love pies too.

    What: warmup with a few strides, 4 x 400m with 400m recovery and short warm down. This I tried to programme into my garmin. Realised that the lap recovery was recording as if it was my interval, so tried to change it, but I only got 2 of the intervals that made much sense. 1.46 and 1.43, so I'll have another go next week, and see if I can get it right.

    I wasn't feeling that great - think my back or neck is out, so think I need a visit to the chiro.

  • 7 icy miles tonight image

    Go ahead for 4 day week as from 1 April image

    AH when I was off due to my #clavicle/ribs I spent a lot of time looking at DIY needing to be done. Needless to say precious little of it got done. Whern I was fit there was no time again

  • Excellent OH - are you and your partners still recruiting then with another one on their way out and you going part time?

    AH - I hope you get the o ahead for a couple of days a week to keep you entertained. Mind you, not long until the xmas break now - thankfully!

    NZC - you're more technologically advanced than me - I've never even tried to programme intervals or any other workout - just record speed, distance and HR.

    All this talk of pies made me change my dinner plans image

  • Lyrics, yes, instantly.
    Adam and the Ants? You're right, they did get a lot of production polish and were the representatives of that unusual crossover between raw punk and 80s stylised stuff. Listen carefully to the hammering of both the drummers on a proper stereo and it's mind blowing. I think that the feedback I got from fellow 6th formers about live punk gigs frightened me away from going to gigs. It was pretty raw and vicious then, not exactly a gentle start to live music. If you turned up you might end up with an ear piercing by safety pin in the mosh pit. Dress code was bin bag only (optional). Nowadays I listen to some of the stuff and there was a lot of raw talent about.

    Training? er. Rest day? I sent my large daughter to swim a mile or so, hard. Small is complaining about too much Wii, but it's probably the jabs. Hope is for a long-ish one tomorrow, many other time constraints permitting.

  • LMH We have already recruited one of our ex registrars when she gets back from travels (AKA extended honeymoon) in August.image
    I'm only dropping one session and will still be doing 24h on call shifts for Maternity so not calling it part timeimage

    Blisters - hope your daughters never read this thread.
    I would be lynched if I called any of my daughters large! image

  • Good Night all.

    3.6k swim earlier.

    Tom - Re Roses - You dont go expecting rosy vocals - the music and whole package is the business. My only fear is that they turn into a "meatloaf" type road show churning out the same (great songs) time after time. We know Brown and Squire are capable of doing it, so write new stuff. The down side of the Roses reunion is that Ian Brown wont be soloing for a while - I though the road he was going was a better live show as there was new albums etc. Anyway, as they said in October 2011 - "we'll keep going till the wheels come off!!"

    It's good to be back if not back running!!




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