Need a good resource for some track sets

Hi folks, just qualified as a UKA coaching assistant, and looking for some inspiration on track sets to submit to the coach, can anyone advise any good books or websites?


  • 20 times 200 metres (two sets of 10) recovery is set at the same time you run the 200 - eg 30 seconds with 30 seconds recovery, 40 secs off 40 etc - 4 minutes between sets - sounds easy - done correctly it is actually quite hard.

    Good luck

  • At what pace are you running the 200m? HIIT has 200m with 400m recovery x 6. 30 secs would be flat out sprint for me. No way could I recover and do it again after 30 secs. (though of course I'm not a young male sprinter).

    I do do a 30 sec interval session with 30 sec recovery x10 x 2 with similar recovery between sets - usually 400m jog. But it's not a flat out sprint.

    Sprint - you were running Beachy yes? How did it go? Are you going to do Goldbeetles marathon?

    I've looked at (then ran in the opposite direction hoping no one saw me).

    I don't know of any good books or websites. I get training sessions mailed to me from 2 different coaches.

    6x1k 200m jog recovery (@ 5 + 3k pace)
    10x400m 1 min recovery + 5x200m 200m jr

    I like 3x3k @ 10k pace 200m float recovery, that's a nice steady set. image

    Hill reps 3 x 60; 3 x 45; 3 x 30; 3 x15 - jog back to the bottom of the hill backwards for recovery. If you can walk afterward then you didn't try hard enough.

    I usually like to do shorter faster sets when I'm not feeling that fit and longer sets when I'm getting close to a target race and am feeling fit.

  • Cheers folks, giving me some ideas - will bring in a float set or 2, they are a good tester of fitness.

    Running a first bleep test tomorrow with a small group which should be interesting

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