Heel Pain

Not sure what happened, but my heel hurt a lot on my run today, made me limp a bit so i cut it short and came home, now i can barely stand on it, 

Googling suggests plantar fasciitis but is that possible from a single run? i've never had it before and know very little about it, 

It's worth noting i run in barefoot shoes and have done for over 1000 miles now, i'm a mid foot striker, ive been on trails almost exclusively since the bad weather kicked in and i'm wondering if i perhaps bruised or damaged the heel bone by banging it on a rock, i dont heel strike at all but if i land close to a rock in the ground it can catch my heel.

if i sit i get no pain, if i point my toes i feel nothing but if i raise my toes it hurts as it reaches the top of that movement,

when walking its sore to put my foot down flat but not super bad, pushing off with that foot using the toes is agony.

hope that's enough info. any ideas? 

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