Fore Foot Injury

I started running just over 4 months ago. In that time I have also started a new job where I am on my feet all day and I walk roughly 3 miles to and from work. 3 and a half weeks ago I began feeling pain in my forefoot but thought nothing of it. 2 weeks after I went to the GP, they thought I had a stress fracture in the metatarsus area and I had an x ray done a few days later which came back normal. Its been 3 and a half weeks now and I'm still in so much pain. I am unable to apply pressure to the fore foot, I'm in constant pain which increases the more I am active, the pain is Sharpe and extremely painful. The GP and hospital have said it could be a few things, one was plantar fasciitis but I have no heel pain or arch pain. Just wondered if anyone has had anything similar??

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