itbs strap

was wondering if i can use the "elastoplast sport knee strap" as an it band support ??

the pharmasist in my local boots said she didnt see why not ?

it has a little pressure pad built in just like the it band supports

any ideas people ?



  • wouldnt you be better off doing foam roller massage? not sure what the straps are supposed to do?

  • Itb straps generally fit an inch or two above the knee, with a pressure pad placed directly over your itb. There are plenty available, and can be useful while you're rehabilitating from itbs i.e. they are not a long term solution. I found the Pro-tec itb wrap good, and stayed in place for a marathon. I'm not sure if the pharmasist would be that clued up

    I currently have some tendonitis on one side, and Itb problems on the other. I can run approx 6 miles without strapping before Itbs kicks in. While wearing a Mueller Max knee strap I can churn out long runs of 15 miles or more without problem. Meanwhile I'm working to sort out the problem
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