I only started running in January so it hasn't really bothered me until recently when I have been upping my mileage and taking it a bit more seriously. 

GAIT analysis shows I have little or no overpronation however I know for certain that my feet are really quite flat! I was running in a support shoe for a while and had no end to problems with shin splints, so switched to a neutral shoe a couple of months back and all my injuries went away however recently, I keep getting niggling aches and pains in the arch of my feet (Left inparticular) when I am running.

I would just like some advice from much more experienced runners on where to go from here? Different shoes, insoles for my running shoes etc... ?

A bit about myself, I only weigh in at 64kg, running around 17 min 5k / 36 min 10k, currently running around 13 miles per week. 

Any help much appreciated!

Thanks, Tom.  


  • Hi tom,

    It might be worth getting another gait analysis, your initial one may have misdiagosed your gait.

    I would recommend sweatshop - if there is one near you.
  • Have you considered looking into exercises to improve the strength of your foot muscles? I had quite flat feet, according to the wet foot test. After a year running in minimalist shoes, I have an arch. In other words, I've built up some muscle in my feet.

    Insoles may provide support, but risk being a permanent crutch. If you acn build up your foot muscles, you may find you don't need anything like that. Worth a try.


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