Nearly a dog bite tonight

Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this. Only recently moved to this area and started running again. Anyway just as I was only about a minute into warming up tonight I very much nearly got attacked by a rather large dog which came out his owners house. Dog came up to my waist height and looked very intent on ended my running plans for some time. I was lucky that I didn't panic and just walked slowly away until the owner got to it. Not an apology or anything. Just wondered what everyone else would do, report it? Leave it be?


  • Oh my goodness, I would have been terrified and fuming at the owner! I would also be very tempted to report it to the Police! Imagine if that had been a small child passing, they would not have reacted in the same way I am quite sure!


    Hope you aren't too shook up 

  • I,ve calmed down now lol. Think I'm more fed up it messed up my run lol
  • I can totally understand that! 


    Glad you have calmed down, maybe run on the otherside next time passed there!

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