New runner!

Hi Everyone,

I have just signed up to take part in the Colchester Half Maratho 17July2013.

I am a non runner, but reasonably fit (i like to think!)

My target time is to finish in under 1hour 30 mins, i know this is a challenger for a non runner, so i am looking forward to gaining some good advice from this site.

I am doing it because of a bet at work that escelated slightly, but i also intent to raise some good money for charity in the mean time!




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    17th March 2013

  • Hi guy,

    1hr 30 is a tough time to achieve as a new runner! How long have you been running, also how far have you run, inc. times ? It also depends on how fit you are currently are, as if you need to improve base fitness it will be even more of a feat.
  • Hi Rob

    It is!

    I have only started training this week, the longest run I did was 3.5 miles in 27mins. My aim for this run was to sustain sub 8 min miles throughout.

    I know I have a long way to go!

  • Hi guy,

    You will need to build up your base mileage to allow you to reach your goal. At the same time as including long runs in your training you will need to include some speedwork and tempo runs.

    I wouldnt worry too much about your times at the moment, or including speedwork - you should really focus on increasing your stamina and distance you can run. Once you have a good base then focus on some speedwork. There are some great beginner training plans on this website,and you could also have a look at RW smartcoach.
  • Hi Rob,

    I I intend to add on .5 of a mile every run I do, until I am running about 8miles? Then, as suggested by you also, was going to try some speed training, interval training?

    Thanks for you're advice, I will have a look at that!

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Guy, good luck.

    The majority of people do not run under 1'30" for a half after several years of training and you are trying to do it in four months.  You should find a plan for a sub-1:30 HM, which will probably be 12 weeks long.  Before this twelve week schedule you need to get yourself to the starting level of the schedule (i.e. capabale of doing the total weekly mileage & comfortably completing that week's long run).

    If you are struggling with the intensity of the training, don't let your pride make you continue.  I suspect the odds are not in your favour to complete this bet without injuring yourself, as you are under-estimating the training required to achieve this.  


  • Hi stutyr,


    I appreciate the size of my task, but i am going to do all i can to get there. I am starting off lightly to ensure i do not push myself prematurely. I have found a plan on here for a sub 1.30 time, so i will start this as soon as i am ready!

    I will do my best to keep everyone interested up to date with my progress!



  • Good luck, Guy - just remember not to break the 'too much too soon' rule. image

  • RoadRunner76 wrote (see)

    Good luck, Guy - just remember not to break the 'too much too soon' rule. image

    I could do with some advice really on just that point. Recently started running, two months in and up to the 5k marker. I started out running half a mile and repeating it 3-4 times a week, then a mile and so on and now I've just done three 5k's in a row and feel comfortable with it. My last two times on Thursday and today were 31:05 and 29:26 respectively. I feel I'm at a crossroads as I know those are both beginner's times, so should I focus on getting my 5k time up to say 25-26 minutes or go for the 4 mile marker?

    Any advice much appreciated!

  • Glad to be of service. image

    A tip from me: if you feel your knee getting stiff, cut it short and go home (the run, not your knee image ).  I didn't (twice, on two separate runs) - I wanted to hit my chosen target for the day image.  On the third run thirty minutes in, my knee let me know in no uncertain terms that this time I should definitely stop and go home.  It didn't give way or anything, but there was a very noticeable tweak and I had to limp a bit.  That's what led to me requiring quite a long break, and physio as well! 

  • Guy

    i do so wish you well

    train well and prepare well


  • wrote (see)


    i do so wish you well

    train well and prepare well





    I seem to have developed a niggle in my left knee, can this be common for 'new' runners?



  • Guy

    new runners have to expect absolutely anything tbh

    your body and all the joints etc has to adjust

    having said that, any runner has to expect anything at anytime, but id say a new runner more so while their adjusting

    it is important that you fuell your body and rest well 

  • If your knee stiffens up, watch it.  That's what happened to me; I ignored it twice and that led to a long enforced break and need for physio.  I think little tweaks in the knee are par for the course for runners, but if it stiffens up at any point, I'd cut the run short, go home and take a few rest days. image

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