Tri bikes as commuters

I'm looking to get into tri, and presently am cycling 20 miles a day to and from work. I'm riding a mountain bike and am thinking of getting rid of it and getting a tri bike. Problem is, can these racing tri bikes double up as commuter bikes? Are they just not suitable?


  • How about just getting a road bike???

    You can still do a tri on a bike with conventional geometry can you not?

    I'd worry about yer rims though to be honest, cos if you're route to work is anything like mine, you'll be spending all of your free time getting your wheels trued!
  • Why not stay with your MTB and just get a road bike for the Tris ?

    MTB wheels are prob best for potholed commutes, and will be harder on your legs than a lightweight TRi bike.
  • I would buy the tri bike (or road bike) with one thing in mind, to get the best race bike you can. Forget using it for commuting. Put hybrid tyres on your mountain bike and enjoy the fact that the 20 miles you are cycling are clocking up plenty of base training.
  • You're such a copycat Cougie.
  • copy'cat' ! Gedddit ???

    Cougar ! Tee hee hee - you guys kill me !

    Great minds think alike eh RichardMMMmm.

    (well apart from burly blokes in tight tops)
  • Hang about fellas. I did say something along those lines too.

  • this is the second thread in two minutes to talk about burly blokes in tight tops...

    Can't say I notice such things.
  • get a unicycle

    good for balance, and leg strenght due to the fixed gear
  • Er, spose ya did Jon. But we added a bit of panache to it.

    Jj - who's on about that again ? It's not my muddy mate is it ?
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  • Problem is, I can't really justify spending £1000 sterling(you can get a tri-bike for that can't u?) if I don't use it that often.

    Another thing, how do I know I'm being sold a tri bike as opposed to a road bike? What IS the difference?
  • Tunney - I'd just go for a road bike.
    Tell them you want it to be set up for Tri bars too, as that's important, but then you can use it for Time Trials, Road Races, normal training etc etc. Lotsa Triathletes like the Giant TCR bikes - and they aren't tri specific.

    I theeenk Tri bikes have different seat tube angles to theoretically save your legs for the run.
  • Agree with Cougie

    Get a compact rodat bike - giant is very good (i've got one) and a set of bolt on tri bars

  • (tee hee - I have one too !)

    But we aren't on commission or anything - honest !
  • Wasn't me going on about the shirts Cougie, honest.
  • yeah, quick google shows that the geometrey changes saves the quads for the run. But a road bike can be made into a tri bike by changing the seat post it seems.

    Think I might go for a road bike. Was looking at either a cannondale or a specialised, both about 1000 sterling. That sound like a decent amount to spend?
  • Likes Like i'm going to buy the Giant Carbon aswell :o)
  • It ws the Porkworld boys, Richard - they're just big ol' teases.
  • Gissa go of your bike Will, pleeeeeease !
  • What was that you said Cougs? You added a pannier to it?

    A tri bike? With a pannier? Absurd!
  • wanna buy a trek 1500 with bolt on aero bars (the fully adjustable profile ones)?

    also got shimano spd cleats, although you can have some pedals instead

    only 6 months old... absolutely perfect condition

    its just not a cannondale ironman 2000
  • Andy... Very perceptive! The name gives it away!
  • And a basket on the front for Toto - my lucky mascot !
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